CNN Dealt Major Blow By Own Poll

CNN on Friday was forced to accept that despite their months-long smear campaign against President Trump, the public just doesn’t care that much about “Russia.”

Anchor Poppy Harlow reported the poll’s results, which showed that concern about an alleged “Trump + Russia” connection actually declined — from 55% down to 49% — over the last several months.


The poll also showed that a mere 27% are “very concerned” about the so-called issue.


This is devastating for CNN, as they’ve spent virtually all of 2017 working diligently to make a story out of the alleged “Trump + Russia Connection.”

CNN was so invested in smearing President Trump with ominous insinuations about Russia, that they gave up any pretense of impartiality and any shred of credibility they once had — just to keep the Trump/Russia narrative alive.

From Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow and Kate Bolduan in the mornings — to John King and the four anti-Trump “reporters” he hosts for an hour every day around lunch time — to afternoons with Brooke Baldwin, Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett — to evenings with Wolf Blitzer, Andreson Cooper and Don Lemon — to one hour on Sunday mornings and then 24×7 on Twitter with Brian Stelter — virtually everything CNN has done for the last six months has focused exclusively on making people care about an alleged link between Trump and Russia.

And they failed.


The only thing CNN accomplished in the last six months has been securing their place in history as the media’s first widely exposed propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

So what do they do upon learning that no one cares about the fake news they’ve spent all year trying to convince you is real?

They blame Democrats.

They hide in the corner pretending they haven’t pounded the Trump + Russia drum literally every minute of every day for the last six months, and they wonder out loud if Democrats have spent too much time and energy focused on an issue that no one cares about.


This is a bad day for CNN. They just watched their Don Jr. email story flop, and then saw their “secret G20 meeting” story flop…

…and this is all on the heels of the trending #CNNBlackmail and #CNNisISIS scandals.

A very, very tough day indeed for Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Jim Sciutto, Don Lemon and the rest. But they can take some solace in the reality that they’re already the least trusted name in news, so it’s not like things actually got worse for them. They were already the worst. Now it just stings a little more, as the CNN credibility crisis drags on with far more firepower than their “Trump + Russia” fake news ever had.


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