Reebok Rocked By Sex Scandal [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

Residents of Canton, MA thought an earthquake shook the normally quiet New England town, but it was just the aftermath of a devastating sex scandal that’s rocking the locally-situated Reebok world headquarters.

It’s unclear how many high-level executives will be ensnared by the salacious imprint now branding the entire company, but sources close to the situation say “literally everyone.”

While Reebok’s legal and PR teams work feverishly to get in front of the story, most of the executive leadership — along with the rank-and-file — seem to feel the walls already closing in as the court of public opinion judges them swiftly and harshly.

It’s an organization in total crisis. Many are already beginning to point fingers at each other, playing the blame game in an effort to save their own necks. People close to the situation say they’ve worked in crisis before, but they’ve never seen anything like what’s at play now.

A warning to our more sensitive viewers: Below are extremely graphic images that depict non-consensual acts of sexual aggression. We are sharing these images to help educate the public. Please exercise caution before choosing to proceed.

The parent company, Adidas, is rumored to be sending its own leadership to Reebok’s Canton, MA headquarters to purportedly execute the firings themselves. As we get more information, we’ll share it. All we can really say at this early stage, as we watch this scandal unfold literally minute-by-minute, is that this is a time to hold the ones you love close — and to remember the survivors of these atrocious acts, and their families.

It should be noted that Reebok was caught in another controversy just days ago, when they attacked President Trump for complimenting a woman’s healthy disposition. When reached for comment on these latest revelations, President Trump had a one word response: “Beautiful.”


Reebok Hates The Word ‘Beautiful’

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