Reebok Hates The Word ‘Beautiful’

NOTE: For this post I created several satirical Reebok ads using images from their actual advertisements. I posted each one to Twitter, and didn’t keep originals. And when Twitter suspended that account, the images were gone forever. And I can’t recreate them because the actual content (the words written on each ad) was all done on the fly. They were pretty funny though. This was one of my posts that got a ton of traction, thanks to Mollie Hemingway sharing it on Twitter. Her exact words, I believe: “These are on point.” Each tweet had a Reebok ad of a really attractive and fit young woman, with a caption that said something like “You must have a remarkably impressive resting heart rate. YOUR FAMILY MUST BE VERY PROUD.” Stuff like that. Again, I can’t recreate it because I was in a real zone when I banged them out, and they were all pretty good. And now they’re gone forever. And this post is basically useless. Thanks, Twitter!

Since Reebok’s Twitter account attacked President Trump for complimenting a woman, let’s explore some compliments that Reebok might be okay with.

To be clear: President Trump told the First Lady of France, “You’re in such good shape. Beautiful.” For that Reebok attacked him on Twitter, implying that he’s sexist and mocking him with a snarky graphic.

But since Reebok sells products by using images of women who are in excellent shape, we figure it’s okay to notice and celebrate women being in great shape. Right? So I guess saying something like “Beautiful” is the offensive part.

A good compliment — a #ReebokApprovedCompliment — might sound more like these…

Good to know.

NOTE: All of the images used in this post were taken directly from Reebok advertisements.


Reebok Rocked By Sex Scandal


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