16 Examples Of CNN Being Terrible

Here are just a few examples I caught in recent weeks of CNN creating fake news, and making it clear why they’re literally the least trusted name in news.


Erin Burnett appears to let it slip that she lords over the production of Athena Jones’ pieces. Do all CNN hosts micromanage their reporters’ pieces this way? If so, it’s no wonder the perspective you get at CNN is so narrow and predictably biased.

Using words like “whiplash” and “verbal backflips,” Anderson Cooper tells viewers that they’re about to see two videos of President Trump saying two very different things. But when you watch the videos back-to-back, there’s no inconsistency. The perception that there’s inconsistency would only come if you let Cooper characterize what you’re watching, and I took that part out. (This was an important exercise because that — characterization — is the most effective tool CNN and other mainstream media use to create “fake news.”)

In the wake of the Kathy Griffin assassination porn controversy, CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah twice says that it’s okay to joke about killing the President, as long as there are no pictures involved. Obeidallah’s terrible claims obviously went entirely unchecked by CNN hosts.

In order to paint President Trump as stupid, CNN’s “experts” often suggest that if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut then Mueller will take it personally and the outcome of the Russia investigation will get worse for Trump. The implication is that Mueller is unable to separate his personal emotions from his professional task. And that implication badly undermines confidence in the justice system. Again, this happens all the time on CNN. This is just one example.

On a particularly angry day at CNN, two of their most prominent voices — Mark Preston and Don Lemon — take turns saying wildly inappropriate things. Preston first, characterizing CNN’s “news” as “tearing Donald Trump apart.” Then a very sour Lemon lets his anger show, using sarcasm to take a shot at anyone who works for or supports President Trump, saying “Let’s hope they’re proud.”

CNN spent weeks describing the GA-06 special election as a referendum on President Trump. That’s because for weeks, it looked like the Democrat was going to win. But when Handel (the Republican) won, suddenly not only wasn’t it a referendum on President Trump — but “winning” wasn’t all that important anymore.

Watch Blitzer before the election results came in…

…and then watch Don Lemon, after the results came in.

Brooke Baldwin turns in an Oscar-worthy performance to help add inflection to a Democrat talking point.

One of the most common lies we hear from the fake news media is that they’d definitely be covering things that shine a more positive light on President Trump, if only he wasn’t so busy getting in his own way. That, as most of us know, is total garbage. It doesn’t matter what President Trump says or does. The fake news media, exemplified in the last year or so by CNN, will always sensationalize everything they can to make President Trump look bad. And when members of that media community use this line (“We’d rather be covering important stuff, too! But it’s his fault we’re not!”) — it’s just their excuse for spending so much time on what they know are ridiculous stories.

Blitzer starts the segment by implying that because we can’t actually see the White House press briefing — and we can instead only listen to it, or God forbid, read about it — that we’re not getting the whole story. And then, at the end of the segment, he suggests we all go read Dylan Byers’ piece about the story. But wait. I thought…? Oh never mind.

In an act of drunken hyperbole, CNN’s John Berman gave viewers a trigger warning before reading President Trump’s mean tweets about Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

So you think there might be voter fraud in the US? You think it’s worth investigating? Well you’re wrong. And I know you’re wrong because Jim Sciutto (who CNN claims is an objective journalist but who in fact is a former Obama political appointee) has made CNN’s Tom Foreman (also a rabid partisan, completely in-the-tank for Democrats) judge, jury and executioner on the matter.

Sure, Jim: “There’s your answer, there. Couldn’t be clearer from Tom Foreman.”

In this clip I had a little fun capturing CNN contributor Jonathan Martin “mansplaining” his way through a CNN hour. And I think The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff — also on the panel — agreed, because she “Liked” this tweet.

(Note, above: “Mansplaining” is a new term for something that’s been around forever, and has nothing to do with gender. It’s basically just another way of saying “being a smug know-it-all.” Still, I sometimes enjoy using the left’s ridiculous terms on them.)

Below is yet another example of a CNN host saying things that aren’t true. And the only way it could be true is if you change of the definition of words like “said” and “twice.” Also, who knew that Vladimir Putin was such a trusted source at CNN!? I guess from now on, if Putin says it — then it must be true!

In the clip they play, “Russia” is taken to mean “the Russian government.” But then, in order to make President Trump look like a liar, host Wolf Blitzer creates fake news by replacing the word “Russia” with “Russians.” So President Trump answered a question about the Russian government, and then Blitzer lied to CNN viewers by claiming the President answered a question about any person who happens to be Russian.

This one was so glaring that I wrote a separate post about it. And of course, since CNN is really nothing more than a propaganda arm for Democrats, host Kate Bolduan neither challenged nor corrected Swalwell’s ridiculous mischaracterization.

Putin recently said there may be hackers who tried, as part of their perceived patriotic duty to Russia, to meddle in the US election. Putin never said or implied that helping Trump was part of that patriotic duty — or “good for” Russia. That part was fake news made up by CNN host Fareed Zakaria just to make President Trump look bad.

Philip Mudd is a CNN contributor most famous for his unhinged, wildly inappropriate tangents about Republicans and President Trump. Here he is claiming that legally obtaining opposition research, and trampling someone’s privacy rights by illegally spying on them, are effectively the same thing. Neither the host nor any of the other CNN contributors bothered to explain to Mudd that those are two very different things.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny carefully constructs a sentence in order to manufacture fake news that paints President Trump as a liar. A casual listener will hear Zeleny and think, “Oh my gosh. The Trump team said they never met with the Russian government. Now there’s proof that they did!” But if you listen closely and hear the qualifier that Zeleny discretely adds (“or Russian lawyers”), your reaction might be more like “Yeah? And? They never said they never met with anyone who happened to be Russian. They said they met with the Russian government. A claim that remains true.”

Finally, from a few hours ago, a CNN reporter stands on the White House lawn and spends a full two minutes painting an ominous picture about “breaking news” designed to make the Trump camp look like it’s hiding something. After her breathless narrating, she then reveals that the information she’s sharing was also shared in black-and-white four days ago, when Donald Trump Jr. released his emails.

Some of CNN’s fake news is glaring. Other times it’s more subtle. These are just a handful of examples that I happened to catch and document in my Twitter feed. But there are dozens more examples that happen on CNN all day, every day.

That’s why so few people actually “watch” CNN for news any more. Many of the people who tune in are, like me, just monitoring them to highlight evidence that CNN is nothing more than a propaganda wing of the Democrat party. And if you want to challenge me on that, then challenge me: We’ll both watch any given hour of CNN. You document where they create fake news that helps President Trump, and I’ll document where they create fake news that hurts President Trump. Then we’ll see whose list is longer.

Any takers?

I didn’t think so.

Because as anyone who’s paying attention already knows: CNN is very fake news. The good news is that, finally, even people who aren’t paying close attention are starting to realize that.


Watch these CNN hosts tackle the hard-hitting questions with their Democrat guests…


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