Democrat Eric Swalwell: Enemy Of Progress & Honesty

Thursday on CNN, Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell showed a level of desperation and dishonesty that is unparalleled even in today’s hyperbole-laced political climate.

The unhinged assertion was preceded by a clip of President Trump arguing that Putin and Russia would much prefer a President Hillary over a President Trump.

In the clip, Trump said “If Hillary had won, our military would be decimated. Our energy would be much more expensive. That’s what Putin doesn’t like about me. That’s why I say ‘Why would he want me?!’ Because from day one I wanted a strong military. He doesn’t want to see that. And from day one I want fracking and everything else to get energy prices low, and to create tremendous energy. He doesn’t want that! He would like Hillary, where she wants to have wind mills.”

Anyone listening to that knows exactly what President Trump is saying.

Anyone, that is, except desperately unhinged lunatics like Eric Swalwell.

According to Swalwell, Trump wasn’t arguing that Russia would’ve preferred Hillary. What Trump really said is, and I quote from Swalwell, “‘Well, we had to do this [cheat the US election] because Hillary was going to be so bad and we were going to make America great again.’”

Team, I watch a ton of CNN. I pick up on a ton of bias and lies and mischaracterizations. I’ve got an entire library of it documented here on this blog, and also at The Daily Caller.

I have never seen such a blatantly dishonest, unhinged mischaracterization of someone’s words before. What’s more, I guarantee you that Swalwell doesn’t even believe that’s what President Trump was actually thinking or saying. He’s just so desperate that he’ll float it, and so out-of-touch and elitist that he thinks his base is dumb enough to believe it. They may adopt it. They may repeat it. But no one in their right mind actually thinks President Trump is saying now, or planning to say later, that “We had to cheat because Hillary was going to be so bad.”


And of course — surprising no one — his claim went entirely unchecked because CNN is literally the least trusted name in news, and host Kate Bolduan is also an unhinged agent of Democrat propaganda.

I note frequently that nothing precludes progress more than intellectual dishonesty. So if anyone in America wants to know why so little gets done, look no further than the unprecedented intellectual dishonesty of politicians like Eric Swalwell. Things are only getting worse for Democrats as their Russia narrative implodes, and their ensuing desperation is becoming painfully more obvious.


  1. I seen that guy on news shows a few times. He must have a hard time sleeping at night. Surely he has some sense of honor, knowing right from wrong? He should be ashamed of himself, accusing people of treason (The President of the USA no less) knowing he is just outright lying. He’s a congressman? wow


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