3 Reasons The Don Jr. Email Story Is A Nothingburger

The mainstream media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) became unhinged yet again over what will inevitably turn out to be yet another nothingburger.

Today’s run on smelling salts was brought to you by the revelation that Donald Trump Jr. once had an email exchange wherein someone misrepresenting herself claimed to have something she didn’t have, and he entertained it.

Here are three reasons that this “bombshell” will turn out to be another dud…

Reason 1: Just Because It’s In An Email, Doesn’t Mean It’s True

First, the media has spent 7 months insisting that the Russians are very sneaky and manipulative. They say that Putin will easily be able to “play” Trump just by appealing to his ego. They say that when a Russian operative tells you they like you, it’s only because they want something from you. But this time around — when Don Jr. gets an email citing a Russian source that says the Russian government supports his dad — it’s gospel. There’s no ambiguity. There’s no nuance. There’s not even a hint of doubt. An email was sent to Donald Trump Jr. that says the Russian government supported then-candidate Trump’s campaign, and so according to the media today — it must be 100% true.

Sorry, media. But just because you read it on the internet in an email that was sent to Don Jr., doesn’t mean it’s true.

“But he met with her! So he must have believed her!”

Yeah, we’re getting to that…

Reason 2: The Media Cannot, Despite Their Claims, Read Don Jr.’s Mind

Second, the media assumes that because Donald Trump met with the person discussed in the email — that he must have believed every word of that email. Let me clue you in to what it’s probably like to be a Trump: You’re constantly surrounded by people you don’t know who are claiming to be things they’re not while offering things they don’t have in pursuit of things they’re not up front with you about. Sometimes, some of those people may come with a “reference” that makes meeting them worthwhile. Sometimes, some of those people may be offering something worth exploring no matter how outlandish the rest of their story may be. It’s not at all unreasonable to suspect that both of those things happened here. This Russian lawyer was introduced to Don Jr. by someone their family had worked with (referral), and she claimed to have “incriminating” evidence about Hillary Clinton (worth exploring). So just because he met with the person doesn’t mean he believed anything in the email, let alone everything in it. It meant he needed to meet with her to find out what, if anything, was true. And it turned out — none of it was true.

I’m guessing that happens in Trump World several times each week, if not each day.

But again, to hear the breathless media tell it…

Reason 3: Nothing Happened!

Ultimately, he took a meeting to explore opposition research. Nothing in the email said anything about acting illegally. Opposition research can come from anyone. Money can’t. But opposition research can. (Some oppo research can be considered an in-kind contribution, but that’s not even in the stratosphere based on the facts here.) And even if Russia did want Trump win, there’s nothing illegal about that either. If they got involved in the election illegally, and the Trump team helped them, then that would be something that the Trump administration would have to be held accountable for. But there remains, despite the media’s white-knuckled pearl-clutching, zero evidence that anything even close to that occurred.

Evidence. Not speculation. Not conjecture. Not ominous dotted lines on flashy graphics splayed across CNN’s screen all day.

Real, actual evidence.

Of which, as noted, there remains exactly none.

If the media is so concerned about meddling, then where were they when Barack Obama was trying to blackmail Britons in to voting against Brexit, or sending taxpayer money to help oust Benjamin Netanyahu? If the media is so gravely concerned about campaigns in the United States colluding with foreign governments, then where is the outrage over Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluding with Ukraine to hurt then-candidate Trump?

It’s the same answer for both of those questions: The media was off somewhere else, discrediting themselves while being terrified about President Donald J. Trump exposing them as the useless frauds that they almost uniformly are.

The media will of course keep breathlessly pushing every anti-Trump angle they can get their hands on, but it will all end the same: Them trying unsuccessfully to salt their nothingburgers, while exposing themselves to more and more Americans as being nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party.

And a pretty lousy one at that.


The Alleged ‘Russia Meddling’ Amounted To Squat

Clip worth watching…


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