Giving Up On Useless Conservative Media

I know you’re all busy. And I know you can’t see, let alone respond to, everyone who tries to engage with you on Twitter. But I’ve tried for more than five years and am yet to get even a modicum of substantive, respectful engagement.

In the beginning I mostly wrote from a now-defunct Facebook account using a pen name. Then I got on Twitter and started asking for your help amplifying uncharted ideas that I thought could help the right win socially and culturally. But you didn’t respond.

After several years of trying unsuccessfully to earn even a shred of engagement, I became frustrated. And absent amplification, my fuse got short and I’d often start yelling in an effort to be heard.

Of course then, some of you heard me. You wouldn’t respond when I tried to engage respectfully with original content that I thought might be of value. But you’d gladly respond with substance-averse snark — putting me ‘on blast’ with your legions of loyal followers — if I dared challenge your resistance to engagement with those outside of your cliques.

Then I took a few steps back and started appropriately wondering if it’s a “me” problem: “Maybe my original ideas aren’t as strong as I thought!”

Of course the ideas kept coming, but rather than ask for your help amplifying them — I started asking for your feedback instead. And I spent years doing that. And you didn’t respond.

And again, absent amplification, I started yelling to be heard. And again, some of you finally responded. And again, rather than with the substantive engagement or direction I hoped for, you instead replied with substance-averse snark that would leave my typically empty mentions flooded for days with your born-to-follow followers gratuitously piling on.

Then I took a few steps back again. Most of what I’d asserted over the years were fresh ideas and fresh messaging to help our side start winning where [I argue] it matters most: Socially and culturally. After all, it was our inability to win socially and culturally that left so many of us — myself included — relegated to anonymity for fear of being punished in our places of business. By this time I had already started a blog where, in addition to my day job, I invested a lot of time trying to articulate my ideas more completely. I quickly learned that it made no difference. You weren’t going to read, let alone consider in a meaningful way, anything that anyone outside of your already-established cliques had written. So a lot of what I wrote began to reflect that realization, and a lot of my thinking in general became informed by the reality that the most amplified voices on the right — are mostly inbred grifters who don’t really care about actually asserting winning ideas. Your greatest interest clearly lied in nothing more than elevating yourselves and the others in your various cliques, exclusively by preaching to already-faithful choirs: Clicks, book sales, brand promotion, etc.

Still, eventually, after being mocked by several of you for being anonymous — even though it was your inefficacy that left me (a sales guy in the left-leaning tech community) with little other choice — I decided to abandon my anonymity.

Finally, I thought, I can use my real name and then these amplified conservative media cliques will at least give me the benefit of hearing me out.

That was about 4 months ago, and so far all I’ve gotten for it — as expected — is outed and blacklisted in several-and-counting corridors of the business wherein I’ve long made a living for my family.

As for what matters to me most — promoting liberty and mitigating identity-based division and the destruction it creates — you still won’t reply. You still won’t engage. You still won’t even read my stuff (which mind you I don’t make a single red cent from), let alone thoughtfully consider it. And God forbid you tell me where you think I might be going wrong in my ideas.

I lamented recently, in about the millionth iteration on this subject, that the amplified right is primarily comprised of inbred cliques who don’t want to accept me and I don’t want to be a part of. And that’s accurate. I’m not over here crying that I want you to accept me. I truly believe that your social nepotism and inbreeding is the foremost reason that the right loses so bad socially and culturally, and that’s why even when we do win elections — our mandates are paper-thin, and we can’t get anything lasting done legislatively. More simply put: Your lazy apathy and entitlement are why nothing changes in DC. And the last thing I want is to be part of the problem by embracing your elitist, insiders-only, clicks-for-cliques way of life.

But after so many years and so much distraction and so much frustration, I have to say some of this out loud. Because if I don’t, I’m just going to keep banging my head against the wall and being consumed by frustration that eclipses inspiration.

Trump is a good start on the path to right-minded progress. I knew that way back when most of you were mocking him and anyone who was “dumb enough” to think he could win. But his contribution to our winning socially and culturally, as I expected, is relegated to helping us take on the tremendously effective mainstream media (which has become nothing more than a Democrat propaganda arm) without being scolded for it by GOP establishment betters both in conservative media and politics. The most fundamental, critical aspects of winning socially and culturally after that, still elude President Trump and virtually everyone on his team.

So from my seat, we still have a long way to go. And while there was a time that I doubted the efficacy of my entirely-uncharted ideas and messaging, I’ve since seen things I asserted years ago begin to manifest as gospel among you, the amplified right. So I no longer doubt the strength or merit of what I assert. But I also no longer have even a shred of faith that any of you will listen to let alone engage with people like me who are unwilling to pledge and pay dues to your douchebag-heavy fraternities. And this post is my effort to once and for all cement that realization.

There were a few along the way who heard me a little bit, but it soon became evident that their courtesy was more of a hedged bet in case my voice became amplified. And there were a few amplified voices who control the levers on who gets heard and who doesn’t, and they actually published me. After nearly a decade of trying however, I can count on one hand the people who truly heard me and engaged because they actually cared about our side making some progress. And I’m not going to name them because given what the rest of you have shown me, you’re liable to turn on them in order to manufacture evidence that my indictment of you is unfounded.

Now I’m done trying. I’m done asking. And I’m done hoping. But I’m not done thinking. And I’m not done writing. And while what I write today may not resonate for years to come, I’m fine with that. It’s extremely painful at times in the present to see elevated the antithesis of what should be our messaging and pursuits, but I’m used to it. And I lean on my faith in God to remember every day that no matter what I might see happening here in the nation that first endowed as a right His gift of free will (ie, Liberty), it’s still all in His hands and I need not worry so much.

So I’m not going to.

But as much as I wish I could, I can’t turn off my eyes and mind. And I’m never going to forget how atrociously elitist and inbred the overwhelming majority of you and your entire conservative media griftosphere are. And how could I? As long as we continue losing socially and culturally, it’s your inbreeding and apathy that are the foremost reasons why.


NOTE: The image I created for this post is just a sampling of who I’m talking about. Some of them, like Hannity and Nolte, I truly like and believe they’re “here” for the right reasons — even if their inability to use the left’s good intentions against them while in turn recruiting Democrat voters, is at this point a constant. So I also know that after nearly a decade of trying, and watching them ultimately devolve in to merely preaching to the already-faithful, it’s time to move on. My plan from here as stated is to keep thinking and writing. And when/if that gets me somewhere (I’m not holding my breath) that earns me credibility and amplification, I expect some from the conservative media will then deem me good enough to engage with. I know the handful I’d be okay with, and will name both Nolte and Hannity because they’re in the image. But I won’t name the remaining few. The point of this post was simply to tell my story, and help me concede what I’ve long suspected: Most of these people are more wrapped up in their cliques than in actually making a difference, and they see conservative activism more as a career than a meaningful pursuit. And as of this moment, I’m gonna stop holding out hope that there might be more to them than that.


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