MSM To Trump: ‘Make Russia Stop Being Russia’

Russia has meddled in elections since forever, but to hear the so-called experts tell it: President Trump should terminate all US-Russia relations until Putin pinky swears that they’ll never do it again.

This from such honest, neutral, historically correct sources like Stephen Hayes (a founding member of the #NeverTrump movement) and CNN (a propaganda arm for the Democrat party).

The entire story is pretty simple and can be summed up in 3 bullet points…

  • Yes Russia meddled in our election.
  • No it didn’t have any kind of significant impact.
  • Yes the overblown “meddling” narrative is part of a witch-hunt by the DC+MSM swamp which has fought Trump, and lost, literally every step of the way since June 2015. (And if you don’t think the unduly-revered Intelligence Community has largely become consumed by that DC+MSM swamp, you’re not paying attention.)

How Russia “Meddled” In Our Election

The meddling in 2016 amounted to Russia trying to hack both GOP and Democrat email servers. No one at the GOP took the bait. Both Hillary’s campaign and the DNC, did. So Russia got their emails, and gave them to WikiLeaks who began releasing embarrassing tidbits here and there. The embarrassing tidbits were largely ignored by the mainstream media who, if anything, used them to make Hillary look like a martyr. Trump supporters on Twitter had fun with the embarrassing tidbits, and hashtags like “#PodestaEmails” and “#DNCLeaks” often trended. But when they weren’t busy banning Trump supporters at-will and without cause, the liberals who work for Twitter would tamp down on such trending hashtags — most often by corrupting the autocompletes. This means when you’d start typing “#PodestaEmails,” things like “#PodestraEmails” or “#PodestalEmails” would appear. Unwitting users would select the misspelled version, thus diminishing the actual instances of “#PodestaEmails.”


So instead of the correct version trending throughout the day thanks to massive mentions of it, multiple versions would trend only for an hour or so due to far fewer mentions. In that way, it can be argued that Twitter meddled in our election as well. And since Twitter is allegedly an ally to the United States and an arbiter of honesty, while Russia is a foe to the United States who peddles in dishonesty — I’m much more disappointed in the fascists at Twitter, than the hackers in Russia. But I digress…

So how else did Russia “meddle” in our election? Well, there are also reports of Russia distributing fake news stories throughout the election. But you go find me a Russian fake news story that had even a modicum of durability, and I’ll find you ten from US media outlets that are considered gospel to this day by many in our electorate.

As far as Russia “meddling” in our election, that’s really about it.

Now here’s the hard part, and I’m sorry you had to find out this way: The USA meddles in elections, too. The USA has hackers and spies who are also diligently at work to undermine nations and leaders who we don’t like. And that’s a good thing.

As most of us already know, this is nothing new. This is nothing unusual. And the only reason it’s getting so much traction in the media, is because the media today is almost entirely dishonest and corrupt — and we finally have someone in charge who is willing to say that out loud. And so they’re trying to destroy him.

Trump Caves To Putin: The Trump-Putin Meeting

If you’re on Twitter, you may have noticed on Saturday that “Trump Caves To Putin” was trending. (Almost every Saturday and Sunday, some kind of anti-Trump headline will be “trending” on Twitter despite having very few actual mentions. Just like the liberals at Twitter seek to reduce pro-Trump trends, they work just as hard to promote anti-Trump trends.) The phrase was trending because The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes had written an article with that headline. As noted earlier, Hayes is a founding member of the #NeverTrump movement. He may be a nice guy and he’s not stupid and he even has some good ideas sometimes about free market capitalism and the value of individual liberty, but like most in the conservative media griftosphere, Hayes built his entire career on being a colossal failure.

While The Weekly Standard and National Review claim to be the right’s arbiters of effective messaging and ideas, the modern right had become a social and cultural laughing stock on their watch. In virtually every conservation except the 2nd amendment, the right loses and loses badly to the far more effective institutional left (Hollywood, academia, media). Andrew Breitbart rightly noted that “politics are downstream from culture,” and #NeverTrump media grifters like Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg and Charlie Sykes spent their careers being too lazy, entitled and apathetic to ever get their heads around that. As I so often note: They came to do good but stayed to do well, and in the end do nothing but help themselves and each other.

So according to lazy, apathetic, entitled and now extremely desperate Stephen Hayes, President Trump “caved” because he wasn’t hard enough on Putin for “meddling” in our election.

The same narrative is coming out of CNN, which is demonstrably the most aggressive producer of fake news on the planet — and literally the least trusted name in news. Their “expert” today was Steve Hall, a former member of the too-often crony intelligence community. Hall claims that President Trump should have ceased all dialogue with Russia until Putin pinky-promised never to meddle in our elections again. Yes. You read that right. According to this genius, we should cease all US-Russia engagement until we get a verbal commitment from Vladimir Putin that Russia will stop being Russia.


So let’s review…

Russia’s “meddling” in our election amounted, basically, to squat.

And no one seemed to care about that “meddling” until Trump actually won.

But because he won, the DC+MSM swamp dependents — like conservative media grifters, corrupt intelligence community members, and fake news outlets like CNN — all say President Trump is a total failure until/unless he gets Putin to promise that Russia will stop spying and meddling and trying to undermine us. Basically, they want Russia to stop being Russia and will call Trump a failure until that happens.

I mean I guess that’s progress. At least they’re no longer claiming that President Trump himself is a Russian spy.

25 Free Hours Of AOL: This Newfangled Thing Called The Interwebs

It should also be noted that if it seems like Russia’s efforts to interfere with our normal order have escalated, it probably has a lot to do with the maturity of cyberspace. When George W. Bush ran in 2000 and 2004, it was just becoming a blip on the radar for most households. By Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012, it had grown significantly and was recognized as a critical component to campaigning and reaching voters. So yes, by 2016 when @realDonaldTrump waxed the floor with the entire Republican establishment, Democrat party, Clinton machine and mainstream media — the internet had become an exponentially more impactful tool. And just like politicians are able to use it in broader ways, so too are those who would seek to hurt or undermine us. Thankfully however, while efforts to interfere in our elections may be more evident, they’re still completely ineffective. And asking our enemies to stop is so predictably ineffective that in the end, it only makes us look weak. If we’re serious about mitigating future interference, then the focus needs to be on building up our own cyber defenses and InfoSec here at home. And you can all rest easy, because that’s happening with extraordinary diligence.

In Conclusion

Hacked emails that were largely ignored along with fake news stories that no one can remember are not why Trump won, and they’re not what we should be worried about. Of much greater value to Russia and concern to Americans, are members of the mainstream US media and so-called intelligence community “experts” who are so flagrantly trying to undermine the US President.

Relevant reminder…


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