BUSTED! NBC’s Chuck Todd Lies & Cries

This Sunday on “Meet The Press,” host Chuck Todd provided a lot more ammunition for media consumers who call him and his cohorts “fake news.”

In the show’s opening, Todd made the claim that President Trump spent “nearly half the week” talking about Mika Brzezinski. That’s obviously not even a little bit true.

A few minutes later, Todd became enraged when HHS Secretary Tom Price suggested that the media are the ones spending too much time on the Mika nontroversy. Visibly angry over having his hypocrisy exposed, a now-unhinged Chuck Todd claimed Trump “spent his entire week focused on” Crazy Mika. Again, this is obviously a blatant lie.

I got some help from Nick Short getting that tweet out there, and soon it was the second most prominent tweet in Todd’s mentions. Shortly after my tweet got traction, Todd tweeted this…

So now Chuck Todd is on Twitter claiming that his biased characterizations and blatant lies are just his “calls for decency.” That’s pretty ironic considering the mean, unnecessary shot he took at Secretary Price at the end of the interview…

Secretary Price graciously appeared on Todd’s show and politely, fairly, accurately defended the work being done by his department and the Trump administration. And for that he was rewarded with a mean-spirited, mocking jab at “the position” President Trump allegedly puts him in.

You want to talk about “indecency,” Chuck Todd? Fine. Let’s review…

  1. After President Trump and his family were mercilessly attacked for months by NBC News’ Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, he finally counter-punched with a few tweets that he probably didn’t spend more than 2 minutes total on.
  2. Then Chuck Todd lies to “Meet The Press” viewers and says President Trump spent “half the week” talking about it.
  3. Then Secretary Price says the media are the ones spending too much time on the story, and Chuck Todd becomes enraged — lazily making an already bold-faced lie even more bold. He says President Trump spent “the entire week” talking about it.
  4. Then Chuck Todd uses NBC’s enormous, globally-televised platform to unnecessarily mock and demean the Health & Human Services Secretary.
  5. Then Chuck Todd goes on Twitter and starts crying about “decency.”

Stop making excuses, Chuck. Today you gave us several very clear examples of why you are in fact “fake news,” and you’ve reinforced tremendously why many of us feel we are literally at war with you and the rest of your Democrat propagandist pals.

And again, I’m not even halfway through the show yet! Just incredible.



  1. from now on just brand him
    “fake news chuck todd”. Never say Chuck Todd without prefix of fake news chuck Todd


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