Ana Navarro Gets Pwned

Three of the GOP’s least effective messengers joined Anderson Cooper on Thursday night to collectively trash Donald Trump, but all didn’t go exactly as planned.

Amanda Carpenter, Ana Navarro and Alice Stewart were the guests. The three all claim to be Republican communications and strategy experts but in reality, you’ll have a hard time finding any greater blights on the GOP’s ability to win socially, culturally and/or legislatively. (They were also joined by prominent Democrat consultant and racist, Maria Cardona. But we’ll get to her later.)

The anti-Trump topic of the day was the President’s mean tweets, which were directed at Crazy Mika Brzezinski. After failing to point out that…

  1. These three, along with everyone at CNN, gave Trump tons of “advice” during the campaign and he ignored them all and went on to defeat them all
  2. These three have built their careers watching the GOP become a laughing stock, persistently losing virtually every national conversation on every issue
  3. CNN, literally all day every day, insists that “If only Trump wouldn’t tweet then we could go on to trash him for an endless list of other reasons”
  4. That CNN is obsessing over Trump’s tweets exponentially more than Trump is obsessing over Mika. He trashed her once in the morning and then went on to tout several immigration & energy wins, all of which CNN pretended never happened because they were too busy sticking to the one story they thought and hoped could hurt him the most

…after ignoring these obvious points and instead simply piling on about how awful they all think Trump is, things got interesting.

So there was pear-shaped Ana Navarro in all of her weepy glory, doing what she does best. No, not gold-digging some 80 year old’s family out of their patriarch’s money. (True story: Her “boyfriend” is a rich 80 year old, and anonymous sources confirm that his kids, grandkids hate Ana with a passion.) What Ana really does these days, perhaps in tandem with mourning the death of Jeb Bush’s political career and her living off the DC+MSM swamp, is trash Trump.

This time around, Ana was insistent that all GOP Congresspeople and Senators need to start telling Trump that they won’t vote on his agenda, they won’t approve his nominations, they won’t work with him at all…

…unless he starts being nicer to some MSNBC fake news hacks who trash him and his family all day, every day.

Yeah, you heard that right: Unhinged Ana Navarro, an alleged “Republican strategist,” said the GOP should uniformly swear off the Republican President in every way — until/unless he starts being nicer to the liberal media who normalize Leftist violence while stoking anti-GOP hatred and attacking Trump and his family literally 24×7.

Of course Alice Stewart, who’s as stupid and useless as she nice — so, very — sat there and looked marginally pretty saying and thinking exactly nothing as she so often does. But Amanda Carpenter showed, for the first time that I’ve ever seen in my life, why the great Senator Ted Cruz once let her be part of his team.

Ana Navarro had just finished up one of her trademarked meltdowns where she gets right up to the verge of tears but then presses her fat, pasty, pear-shaped body forward, and Carpenter jumped in: “I would just disagree a little bit.”

Uh oh. Trouble in paradise! Carpenter of course continued her swipes at Trump, but she also called out the idiocy in Navarro’s certifiably insane, entirely unhinged suggestions: “Yes Republicans when asked should condemn these attacks, but they can’t go around hanging themselves out over this at the expense of our legislative agenda.” She continued as you’ll see below, but the heft of the point was clear: Ana Navarro is a psychopath, Donald Trump is here to stay, the GOP has things they want to do and can do because Donald Trump is the President, and Ana Navarro is a psychopath.

The icing on the cake was Carpenter throwing her hands in the air, “What do you want to do? Defund Donald Trump’s Twitter account?! You. Cannot. Control. Donald Trump. We have to live with this. We have to point it out. We have to call it out. But don’t let it take over your complete self. Please!”

And pasty, pear-shaped Ana Navarro then conceded what most of us already knew: Trump broke her. He owns her. She’s utterly destroyed under the weight of his excellence. “It already has,” Navarro confessed as she died a little more on the inside while crying out a lot more on the outside.

Hilariously, by the end of the segment, Democrat racist and consultant Maria Cardona was actually counting herself as being part of the GOP team: “We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” she desperately shrieked trying to convince these three so-called Republican “strategists” that together — they could end Trump’s presidency.

Pretty hilarious that CNN has 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat on, and by the end of it, the Democrat thinks very much that she’s part of the same team as the Republicans and they all have the same shared goal of destroying Trump. But then again, this is CNN — and they literally the least trusted name in news. And ISIS. And very fake news.

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