#GA06 – A Night To Remember

Despite being outspent 6-to-1 in the most expensive House race ever, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia 06 District special election.

Here are a few highlights from the night…

First things first, let’s get CNN’s predictable hypocrisy out of the way. Consistent with their all-out war on President Trump, CNN excitedly reported on this race being a referendum that would test President Trump’s agenda…

And what would CNN be without a hefty helping of Fake News?!

Of course by the time Handel won, Don Lemon sought to downplay the night — even going so far as to suggest that perhaps the Democrats didn’t “necessarily lose,” despite literally losing…

Now let’s get to the good stuff, or as The Federalist’s Mary Katharine Ham so eloquently noted…

Take as much time as you need to enjoy CNN’s misery at that moment when they realized the Trump Train had steamrolled them yet again…

President Trump’s son, Don Jr., who has been a real inspiration to many supporters even as his father and family are attacked in the most vile ways, enjoyed the moment with some snark and a trip down memory lane…

And the fun went on…

Nick Short bringing the heat!

Cerno bringing that Gorilla Mindset!

And the single best tweet of the night goes to Mike Warren, who gave the Democrats and their candidate a hilarious parting shot…


I’ll be totally honest: About once a month or so, I go back and watch a solid hour or two of coverage from the 2016 election. See I’m one of those “tea party” people who awoke to politics shortly before the 2008 election. I’ll never forget losing in 2008, even though I knew from the start that McCain didn’t stand a chance. I’ll also never forget losing in 2012, particularly since I really thought Romney would pull it off and prove the media and everyone else wrong. Yes we won some strong seats in the midterms, and picked up a lot of wins at the state and local levels, too. But that White House win had eluded me, and the media would bludgeon me with that reality every time I tuned in as they spent 8 years fawning over President Obama. So when President Trump won it was honestly one of the most memorable, rewarding times I’ve ever experienced in my life. And tonight was pretty fun also, even though by the time I click “Publish” on this post — I’m sure the media will have long-since buried the evidence and be right back to their regularly-scheduled Trump-bashing.

So it goes. It increasingly looks like we’re winning that war with the media that I always talk about, but we’ve got a long way still to go. And that’s fine, because I’m still not tired of winning and I doubt you are either.



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