Entire ‘Meet The Press’ Panel Rains On Chuck Todd’s Russia Parade

When “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd met the press this Sunday, they uniformly agreed that there’s zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion despite the media’s endless speculation to the contrary.

The discussion began with the New York Times’ David Brooks saying, “You know I’m actually getting more uncomfortable with this whole deal, thinking that maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. And I’m bothered by the lack of emerging evidence about the underlying crime, that there was actually collusion or coordination between the Trump White House.” Brooks concluded, “I’m just afraid that we’re being swallowed up by the politics of scandal when there’s less and less evidence that they actually colluded. Maybe that’ll come out but so far it hasn’t and it bothers me.”

The panel, all of whom have been persistent critics of President Trump throughout his campaign and Presidency, then went down the line concurring with or corroborating Brooks’ observation…

Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report responded to Brooks, “Yeah I’m absolutely with you on that.”

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson conceded that there is currently zero evidence of any legal wrongdoing, noting that “either they will find evidence of collusion or they will not.”

The American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka said, “I think David is exactly right. All along what you hear behind the scenes in Washington is ‘Eh. There isn’t any there there about the Russia collusion; about the Russia investigation.'”


Chuck Todd, like many in the media, has spent months promoting conspiracy theories around an allegedly ominous “Trump-Russia” connection. His panel’s comments, despite their uniform anti-Trump leanings, suggest that may have been a waste of everyone’s time.

However, if the media never actually believed their own hysteria and instead just wanted to pick a fight with President Trump and his supporters — then their efforts have been a smashing success, as CNN is ISIS is now a very real thing and Trump supporters like Mike Cernovich are publicly taking mainstream media reporters like Jim Acosta to the woodshed.


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