CNN Broadcasts Justification For Radical Islamic Terrorism

CNN reporter Max Foster embraced the idea that members of the Muslim community might choose to become radicalized and retaliate after an attack that witnesses say targeted Muslims in North London.

A witness to the attack, Ibn Omar, first described the scene as a driver weaponized his van by using it to mow down innocent people. Omar confirmed that the area was highly populated with Muslims, and gave his own rationale for describing it as “a deliberate attack on the Muslim community.” Omar then explained to Foster why he feels that the Muslim community has been under attack since 9/11/2001, and why he felt this incident that’s still being investigated should have been designated a terrorist attack early on.

Foster’s questioning throughout the interview seemed to search for division: He asked if the Muslim community felt under attack, corroborated an allegedly widespread belief that law enforcement won’t support the Muslim community, and wondered if “the damage is already done” and it’s “too late” for Muslims like Omar to feel safe and as though they’re supported.

Omar at that point noted, “Listen, I’m telling you, just as I see this as like a reprisal, like a retaliation attack towards the Muslim community for what has happened in the previous past, you understand? Unfortunately there’s a possibility now that those people that were on the fringe, that didn’t want to do anything, they didn’t see any real justification, maybe they’re going to see a justification after this. You understand?”

Rather than tamp down the justification for radicalization and retaliation that was just broadcast on CNN’s airwaves, Foster instead offered support: “Yeah our thoughts are with you on a horrible day in your community, and I can absolutely see how you’d feel targeted.”

The remarks about Islamist radicalization come at about the 2:45 mark. Watch…

Would Foster have been so supportive and understanding if, in the wake of a radical Islamic terror attack, a non-Muslim made the equally misguided and irresponsible comment? If Joe Blow in Anytown, USA said that the community may now feel justified to lash out at Muslims? Let’s hope we never have to find out. And let’s also hope that CNN learns from this and despite the bigoted sympathy that they mistake as “empathy,” does more to avoid the approval of violence that they broadcast across the world today.

Author’s Note / Virtue Signal: The Left want people divided. This is why they work so hard to segregate and then metaphorically shackle with faux grievance blacks, LGBTQ, women, Hispanics and yes Muslims, too. Don’t give the left what they want. Don’t fuel division. Neither skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation nor religion will ever be our enemy. The individuals who promote the lie that those identity precursors merit our laser focus, are the problem. And we need to expose and defeat them with our words, ideas, hard work, courage, passion and sincerity.


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