CNN Yet To Claim Responsibility For GOP Assassination Attempts

UPDATE, 11:17AM ET: The shooter has now been identified as James T. Hodgkinson. He is, as predicted, a huge Bernie supporter who believed that President Trump is a traitor. Here is his Facebook page, and “5 Fast Facts” you might want to know about him.

I’m sitting here just absolutely disgusted because I know already that the media inspired the man who today tried to assassinate several Republicans.

Violence has become the norm on the left. From AntiFa to bloody assassination porn to attacks on Trump supporters that have become commonplace at rallies and protests across the nation — the left believe their violence is justified, and the media completely ignore it.

Instead of wall-to-wall coverage on the role violence now plays among America’s left, the media instead work diligently to inspire more of it: Their focus every minute of every day promotes fear of and hatred for President Trump, his supporters, and of course the Republicans who dare seek to help enact his agenda.

The media report with tears on their eyes about alleged hate crimes that they imply are the direct result of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Then, when those hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes, the media ignores it. They’ve already told our nation that President Trump is responsible for the alleged acts of hatred and violence, but when the allegations are proven to be more of their fake news — the media say nothing, instead reverting right back to their regularly-scheduled anti-Republican hate mongering.

By amplifying the lies and ignoring the truth, the media plant the seeds of fear, hatred and division — each of which are like oxygen, sunlight and water to the usually well-intended but still wildly wrong Left.

Then an incident like this occurs — where a would-be assassin shows up to a Republican baseball game with the goal of taking out as many Republicans as possible — and the media all clamor to get ratings from it.

They’ll blame guns. They’ll blame mental health. Within a few days, some of them will even blame President Trump (and his supporters) for “creating this toxic environment that has made so many people so fearful.”

What they won’t do is blame the shooter. Do you know why? The same reason they almost never blame violent perpetrators in 2017. Because he, as we’ll no doubt learn soon, will turn out to be one of them. He’ll either be a Bernie or Hillary supporter, and I guarantee if there’s a social media record — he’ll be a big fan of big names all across the mainstream media spectrum. His one complaint will be that the media and his Democrat heroes don’t go nearly far enough, and that’s why he ended up taking things in to his own hands.

I put this squarely on the shooter. The media has never said “go shoot Republicans.” But the media has ignored the violence that’s become commonplace on the Left — choosing instead to validate it with biased characterizations of the news that stoke hatred for the President, his supporters and Republicans in general.

The media waged a war on the Right long ago, and today is an easily predictable byproduct of their influence on the state of our union. This isn’t me being insensitive or trying to “politicize” things. This is me being honest. The media in the United States works in lockstep to ignore the Left’s violence while promoting hatred for, and fear of, the Right. We obviously must never respond in kind. We must continue to follow the lead of great Republicans who came before us, like Martin Luther King Jr., and respond only with non-violence. But while they’re eagerly lapping up ratings and clicks from the terrifying act carried out by one of their adherents, we also must not be afraid to call it what it is: This was yet another battle in what’s become our very real war with the media, and rather than own their culpability in inspiring the shooter — they’ll profit from it.

And so I remain, sitting here just absolutely disgusted because I know already that the media inspired the man who today tried to assassinate several Republicans.


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