The Media Is The Opposition Party & Their Tears Are Delicious

The mainstream media is outraged today because reporters have been banned from roaming the hallways on Capitol Hill. They claim that their rights are being denied, and that we the people will suffer because of it.

I call BS.

First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled at this turn of events. I’ll gladly drink up the media’s tears on any occasion, but it’s particularly satisfying in tandem with seeing their “power” significantly reined in as they must now adhere to more formal processes in order to talk to politicians.

Secondly, we don’t actually need “the media” anymore. The byproduct of our ubiquitous information and digital ages is that we as individuals can be our own media. With the exception of a tiny class of “new media,” all that today’s mainstream media does is characterize the news in an effort to shape public opinion and conform to a predetermined narrative. They spend about 2% of the time reporting facts, and then 98% of the time telling us how we should view and process those facts.

Finally, today’s media don’t care one bit about “truth to power” or “journalistic integrity.” And they certainly don’t care about helping you or me. They say they do, but in reality they think we’re all stupid. By “help,” they mean “Make sure you rubes in flyover country don’t get in your own way.” The media today is just like the nanny-state government they’re all uniformly clamoring for: They think people are too stupid or greedy or both to self-govern, and we need people who are much smarter and more powerful than we are to do it for us.

The modern media has always been elitist and biased. And it’s gotten much worse under President Trump, because he threatens their stronghold more than anyone else ever has. This is why many of the President’s supporters, myself included, feel we are actually at war with the media today. Just like President Trump said, they — the media — are the greatest opposition party. And he’s 100% right. They are far more powerful than the Democrats, and far more motivated as well. (The Democrats will always have power as long as we’re in a two-party system, but the media can lose its power — and are on the brink of seeing that happen.) By the end of the 2020 election only one entity will be standing: If President Trump wins despite the media’s perpetual onslaught of attacks, conspiracy theories, fake news and outright lies — then the media as we know it will forever be relegated to nothing more than an entertainment wing of the Democrat party. If President Trump loses in 2020, then the media will be emboldened for generations to come as the self-proclaimed arbiters of what’s “news.”

So today is a good day and I’m thrilled that the media is taking a well-deserved beating. Moreover, I’m not the least bit concerned about the fallout for we the people who the media claim to be helping. Of course by the time I click “publish” on this post, the Democrats and John McCain and Susan Collins and Lindsay Graham — with a little help from the John Kasich and Jeb Bush peanut galleries — may already have gotten this decision reversed. But in the meantime, while MSNBC’s very biased and dishonest Kasie Hunt wants people to call and complain about the rules change, I encourage you to call and support it.

If you believe as I do that media is the enemy and we are at war with them, then consider this a battle won for those who are sick of the status quo and want to see the elitist, incestuous DC+MSM swamp drained.

UPDATE, 1:44PM ET: It appears that the source for this information, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, was again trafficking in fake news. There’s been no confirmation that any reporters are actually banned from roaming the hallways, and official statements are being released to the contrary of that claim.

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