Comparing Years Of London Mayor’s Tweets: ‘Climate’ Vs. ‘Terror’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been criticized for being soft on terror, and a closer look at his last several years of public statements on Twitter will bolster that claim.

I looked at the last 2.5 years of Khan’s Twitter timeline and learned a lot about how he views terror, versus how he views climate change.

Here’s what the search string looked like…


Take a look at the language he uses on each subject…

Issues relating to “climate” make London’s Mayor want to lead and fight. He sees climate as a grave danger and treats it emotionally.

Issues relating to “terror” make him want to lecture Londoners about staying united. He sees terror as a way of life and treats it academically.

His tweets on terror are informational and memorial. He never actually says he wants to fight terror. He’s constantly trying to inspire Londoners to stay strong, which is great. But he wants to fight our climate for having the nerve to change with infinite ubiquity, so you’d think somewhere in there he’d express an interest in fighting terrorists for having the nerve to actually kill Londoners on a near-regular basis at this point.

Let’s remember the Londoners killed by terrorists…

…and then let’s get out there and curbstomp some climate change!

London must LEAD on tackling climate change!

But as for those terrorists, I’m calling on you innocent victims not to turn on each other. That’ll show ’em!

Finally, at least some kind of pronunciation to “defeat” terrorism.

But also the onset of a “Terror Preparedness” task force, which sounds more responsive than preventative.

On terror he wants a “review” to help out…

On climate he wants legally binding action…

Now he’s lecturing Parisians about not letting terror divide them, but again: Nothing about actually fighting the terrorism. Just virtue-signaling to the innocent victims.

Hot take: The guy whose instinct in the wake of a terror attack is to lecture the victims, probably drives “social segregation” more than anything else.

Terrorism? What terrorism?! We’ve got strong spirits!

No need to lead a fight against terrorists when you’ve got dent-resistant resolve amirite?!

Terror? What terror!? We’ve got “Togetherness!”

If you’re seeing what I’m seeing then you might appreciate being out of patience with this guy. Sadiq, buddy, the terrorists tried to kill a bunch of Londoners. And tragically, they succeeded. They killed more than 50 people. Your insistence on virtue-signaling about “unity” instead of actually fighting terrorists is, itself, terrifying. But hey, let’s “#WalkTogether” to fight terror…

As for climate change, a walk won’t due. We need actual action.

Khan quoting someone saying “We need to TACKLE terrorism!” Naaa, not really…

In total, Mayor Khan makes 8 declarations about actually fighting climate change — and just 1 about fighting terrorism.

Inspiring your city’s survivors is fine, but if that’s literally all you do as it relates to terror, it’s a big problem. Especially given the ferocious, emotional, combative tone he takes when it comes to climate change.

They say you get the government you deserve, but I have to think London deserves better than this.

And just for the record…

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