CNN’s John Berman Nearly In Tears Defending London Mayor

CNN’s John Berman became unglued on Monday while trying to attack President Trump and defend Mayor Sadiq Khan of London.

Berman was alleged to be impartially moderating a segment about President Trump’s response to the recent London terror attack. The segment centered on one of President Trump’s tweets, shown below…

Characterizing the narrative from the left as CNN always does, Berman argued insistently that President Trump was lying because Khan’s “no reason to be alarmed” quote was in reference to increased police presence around London — not about Islamist terror, itself.

Listen as Berman’s inflection begs for mercy on behalf of Khan, his tones flailing from low to high, seeming to stop just short of breaking down in tears while trying to make his point…

On the substance: As noted in a piece earlier today, London’s Mayor Khan has in fact proven to be extremely soft on terror in his public statements. He talks a lot about staying united, but rarely if ever actually talks about fighting radical Islamic terror. Moreover, as has become painfully clear, he seems to think the existence of radical Islamic terror is now just a way of life that must be accepted in London.

The unfortunate truth is that I can’t find a single instance of Mayor Khan actually saying Londoners should be alarmed about radical Islamic terror. Not one. Not ever

And so I’m calling on John Berman to show me one.

Not ten.

Not five.

Not three.

Just one.

And when Berman and all of his producers and assistants and interns and Jake Tapper’s teary-eyed resting face can’t come up with one such example, then the real truth becomes clear: John Berman was being far more “fundamentally dishonest” with his viewers, than President Trump was being with his Twitter followers.

Sadiq Khan is radically soft on terror and, tragically, Londoners will continue to pay the price for that.

And this is just one more reason why CNN is literally the least trusted name in news.

And also, CNN is ISIS.


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