To Racist Don Lemon, ‘White Guys’ Is A Pejorative

Thursday night on CNN, W. Kamau Bell made an apparently dismissive remark about “white guys” and Don Lemon thought it was hilarious.

The topic centered on an alleged hate crime that occurred at LeBron James’ home, and anchor Don Lemon was moderating a discussion that included CNN’s W. Kamau Bell, radio host Ben Ferguson and defense attorney Mark O’Mara.

While an inept Ferguson was busy neglecting to point out the preponderance of alleged hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes, and O’Mara was blaming President Trump for a perceived uptick in hate crimes (many of which, did I mention?, turn out to be hoaxes), Bell sat quietly wearing a “I’m just happy to listen to all this” grin.

When asked by Lemon to join in the conversation, Bell responded “No no no I’m happy to hear these two white guys talk about racism. I don’t hear this in my life enough so please continue.”

After bursting out in laughter, a still giggling Lemon said “You just read my mind that’s why I said we gotta go to you.” Lemon then shouted in affirmation, “Kamal — you just read my mind!”


Lemon will try to attach nuance to it, but the simple reality is indefensible: Don Lemon’s reaction leaves viewers to infer that 1) Skin color precludes the content of one’s character, and 2) Race should be used as a qualifier to determine the value of a person’s thoughts and ideas.

This is particularly troubling because we see “white” being used as a pejorative in the media with increased frequency and zero scrutiny. It’s just one of the ways that the left is actually creating brand new racism where none previously existed. How many black people need to hear this casual dismissal of others by race, before it sounds perfectly reasonable and acceptable? How many white people need to hear that their skin color confers an outright dismissal of value, before they become defensive in ways they never were before?

It’s not okay to dismissively say “Great it’s a bunch of black guys talking,” or “Oh boy let’s hear what a bunch of Hispanics have to say about this”…and it’s not okay to sarcastically dismiss what “white guys” say, either.

In this case, Bell actually went on to note that he was being sincere. But Lemon didn’t know that when he nearly fell out of his chair laughing at what sounded like Bell’s dismissal of “white guys.” (You’ll recall that Bell had to go out of his way to insist that he wasn’t being sarcastic, because the entire panel thought he was.) So all Lemon heard was “white” being used in a dismissive and pejorative way, and he thought that was hilarious. And just to be abundantly clear, Lemon is supposedly the neutral, fair, impartial, thoughtful, moderate voice anchoring two of CNN’s primetime hours every night of the week…

That type of behavior bigotry from Lemon and so many others on the left does exponentially more to divide and destroy than it will ever do to unite and heal. But rather than being called out for the destructive, regressive behavior — we’re seeing it asserted even more casually. It’s unacceptable, and those who do it should consider evolving with the rest of us.

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