Mike Cernovich, John Nolte & Firing CNN

CNN has spent the last 18 months working hard to become the least trusted name in news, and it’s time they pay a price for that.

After the Kathy Griffin firestorm, which has just moments ago resulted in CNN terminating their agreement with her for their New Years Eve Special, many on the right felt they chalked up a win.

I urge you, especially you with amplified platforms, to exercise extreme caution in this regard.

You are about to give CNN the best weapon they could ask for: Moral high ground, in near perpetuity.

If we let them, CNN will spend the next 3 years saying “Well here at CNN, we do what’s right. Remember that Kathy Griffin thing? Yeah, we totally made the right call there. It’s proof that when we need to take action and correct something, we do it.”

Is that what you want? Do you want to give CNN a paper pedestal that they can use to preach from for the rest of President Trump’s first term?

I didn’t think so.

Look at this blog. Look at my entire body work at The Daily Caller. I actually enjoy monitoring rabidly biased media. I do it because it needs to be done, and because sunlight is the best disinfectant. And I’m telling you, I know CNN and its personality better than most: They will use Griffin’s scalp as evidence of their own integrity.

Throughout the Griffin fiasco, Mike Cernovich shared a list of CNN’s advertisers. This is an excellent list and I’m extremely grateful to Cernovich for getting it circulating. But we can and should be calling this list every single day complaining not about Kathy Freaking Griffin…but about CNN’s 24×7 drumbeat of anti-Trump characterizations and Fake News. There is simply no reason to a) Let CNN use their firing of Griffin as a perpetual moral high ground, or b) Let CNN off the hook for the ferociously anti-Trump bias they and fully 90%+ of their guests amplify across the planet every minute of every day.

Between Rupert Murdoch’s idiot kids who are ruining Fox News, and the left’s successful attacks targeting Fox News’ advertisers — it’s time we on the right fight back, and Cernovich’s list of CNN advertisers is where we need to start.

So please, don’t deceive yourselves about Kathy Griffin. She’s small-ball in all of this, and we’re about to let CNN off the hook for much greater crimes than having that moron on their air once a year for a few hours at a time. What we have here is a much larger opportunity, and having spent so much of my own time getting to know the depths of CNN’s bias better — I beg and plead with you that we not let that opportunity pass us by.



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