Democrat To CNN: No One Cares About Your Damn Russia Story

Democrat Nina Turner on Sunday told Dana Bash that people don’t care about Russia.

After Bash had spent almost the entire “State Of The Union” hour obsessing over Russia, she asked Turner “How’s this playing in Ohio?”

Sounding exhausted by the question, the former Ohio state senator responded “No one in Ohio is asking about Russia.” She continued, “I mean, we have to deal with this. We definitely have to deal with this. It’s on the minds of the American people. But if you want know what people in Ohio? They want to know about jobs. They want to know about their children.”

Describing conversations she’s had with voters around the country, Turner’s frustration with CNN’s Russia narrative became more clear: “Russia is not in his top five!” she nearly shouted, and “If we were to go Flint, they wouldn’t ask you about Russia and Jared Kushner!”


To the dismay of Bash and her CNN cohorts, who for the last 6 months have been manufacturing stories about Russia almost 24×7, Turner concluded “Everyday Americans are being left behind because it’s ‘Russia, Russia, Russia.'”

Apparently, even CNN’s left-leaning guests are starting to understand how CNN became literally the least trusted name in news.


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