Totally Unhinged CNN Anchor Shouts At Navy Seal [VIDEO]

CNN host Kate Bolduan became completely unhinged on Tuesday when a guest challenged her anti-Trump narrative.

The panel was discussing anonymous sources who claim that President Trump interfered with the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Guest Carl Higbie challenged the veracity of the story, saying “So I’ve sat here very quietly listening to all this B.S., quite frankly, and did you listen to anything McMaster said today?”

As Higbie continued to make his point, Bolduan became increasingly defensive and agitated: “It’s not just CNN!” she insisted.

Soon the CNN anchor began shouting down Higbie, angrily clapping her hands and pointing her finger in the former Navy Seal’s face.


Bolduan’s petulant outburst occurred simply because Higbie — a CNN guest — suggested that anonymous sources aren’t enough to indict the President the way so many in the media are trying to.

The left has shown increasing intolerance for opposing voices at rallies, protests and college campuses all across the country. It appears we’re now seeing that same intolerance manifest inside the CNN studios, from a host’s chair no less. This is why CNN is literally the least trusted name in news.

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