Media Bias In 2017 Is About ‘Characterization,’ Not ‘Fact’

The need for news mediums peaked at a time when the electorate’s flow of information was confined to word-of-mouth, often costly long distance phone calls, and what we now refer to as “snail mail.”

Back in those days it was said that you should “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” But today, in 2017, the ink for all practical purposes is free.

Exhibit A: The words you’re reading this very moment.

You can get your hands on objective facts very easily in 2017. From there, you can draw your own conclusions — or do more research on your own. Nobody actually needs “the news” anymore, despite the mainstream media’s hilarious claim that their existence is the most important thing to ever happen to you and/or anyone you care about.

For those who tune in to the news, what you get is 2-3% objective fact followed by 97-98% characterization.

Media bias in 2017 isn’t about whether or not someone is being factually accurate. Media bias in 2017 is about how producers and anchors characterize the news they’re broadcasting.

And in most of the mainstream media, the way they characterize the news starts and ends on the left.

Take the recent story about the Comey Memo…

Here are the objective facts: Anonymous sources say that President Trump asked then FBI Director James Comey to forego an investigation on Michael Flynn, and that Comey described that exchange in a written memo.

Here’s the characterization from the right…

You can’t indict someone based on anonymous sources, and the President can ask the FBI Director to do whatever he wants. It doesn’t mean the FBI Director has to do it, and if the Director thinks the President is acting illegally or even inappropriately — there are actions he/she can take to pursue accountability and oversight.

Here’s the characterization from the left…

This is yet another in a long line of indicators that President Trump is unfit for this job, and that he’s doing everything he can to squash any investigation that might expose his own potential ties to Russia. Moreover, this is a clear obstruction of justice and in that way might turn out to be an impeachable offense.

As is always the case, the reality likely lies somewhere in the vast middle.

But when ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, virtually all of Hollywood and most of academia are all uniformly insisting that the characterization from the left is the only characterization that can possibly exist — and they’re simultaneously calling their conclusion “news” — many savvy consumers are calling that “Fake News.”

Fox News often characterizes news from the right. They offer the objective facts, then provide a right-minded characterization of those facts, unleash the panel, and ultimately conclude with the right-minded characterization of those facts.

But again, they often do this. Not every time. But certainly most of the time.

CNN on the other hand spends literally 24×7 characterizing news items aggressively from the far left. While CNN was always somewhat partisan from the left, this constantly aggressive model manifested really about the time that Trump began dominating the headlines in the GOP primary and issuing far more direct attacks on the media than many of them were accustomed to or ready for. CNN’s model at that point became to take the gloves off and hit then-candidate Trump with everything they had. Their arbiter of media fairness and accuracy, Brian Stelter, has intimated on several occasions that he thinks the media’s job is to impede and ultimately stop Trump. And that aggressively pro-left, anti-right model has only become more pronounced now that he’s President Trump.

And notably: That’s probably why CNN has literally become the least trusted name in news. Go watch CNN anchor Kate Bolduan scream at a Navy Seal for daring to challenge her anti-Trump narrative, or CNN anchor Jake Tapper engage in a nearly pornographic lovefest while “interviewing” Chuck Schumer.

It’s the disproportionate liberal characterizations across so many mediums — mainstream media, Hollywood, academia — that has so many voters and news consumers dismissing the narrative-chasing mainstream media in its entirety as being “fake news.”

So yes: Every time CNN opens its mouth, I can safely assume that it’s going to be fake news. And for any one example you show me where they’re not characterizing things from the left, I’ll show you ten where they are.

The antidote to partisan immobility and the catalyst for progress is intellectual honesty. So also disconcerting for consumers is the scarcity of intellectually honest voices in and around the media. And even those that typically are intellectually honest, are also susceptible to letting their partisan bent or professional Darwinism get the best of them. But nothing precludes progress more than intellectual dishonesty, so if you find yourself wondering why so little gets done and all we seem to do is fight with each other…now you know. It’s because the dominant forces of communication all across our nation — the institutional left, to include the mainstream media — dishonestly conflate their liberal characterizations of the news with “fact.” That intellectual dishonesty is then disseminated from coast-to-coast across multiple platforms as being the only possible perspective worth hearing, and we become deadlocked at a bickering impasse devoid of any thoughtful, constructive, legitimate ‘progress.’

The good news is that since the information age has melded with the digital age, we as individuals are our own best source for “news.” We can get the objective facts as they’re known today, consider or research appropriately, and establish what our personal thoughts are about whatever it is that happened. And that means that most of the amplified, activist left, to include allegedly impartial “news” outlets like CNN, are all just talking to each other despite their self-important contention that they’re speaking to and/or for our nation.

The biased media did everything they could to hurt President Trump in the election, and everything they could to celebrate and help Hillary Clinton, and Trump still won. That tells me that the people are awake. But rather than learn the important lesson about the electorate’s ability to sift through their partisan hackery, the media has decided to triple down. And that’s what we’re witnessing every hour of every day, right now. Will it actually matter? I honestly don’t think so. We’ll find out more after the 2018 elections, but I just don’t think the uniformly liberal media — nor their vile friends in Hollywood or fascist friends in academia — are doing themselves any favors.

And regarding the alleged “Trump-Russia Connection,” who are we really kidding? The logical conclusion they’re driving at is that the President of the United States is secretly a Russian operative who is working closely with our enemies, and now that Donald Trump … a Russian spy … has successfully infiltrated the highest levels of our government — only the brave, tireless media can stop him and save the USA and probably definitely also the world. Once you wrap your head around that and then pair it with the 24×7 hand-wringing they’ve used in an effort to salt this nothingburger, the phrase “Fake News” seems like a wild understatement.

The real secret is out: The legacy media vehicles have long outlived their usefulness and what they’re peddling today isn’t actually “news,” but characterizations of how they want you to consume the news.


  1. […] Secondly, we don’t actually need “the media” anymore. The byproduct of our ubiquitous information and digital ages is that we as individuals can be our own media. All the alleged journalists and reporters do is characterize the news in an effort to shape public opinion and conform to a predetermined narrative. They spend about 2% of the time reporting facts, and then 98% of the time telling us how we should view and process those facts. (See Media Bias In 2017 Is About ‘Characterization.’) […]


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