Jake Tapper Gives Chuck Schumer Several Reacharounds

Jake Tapper’s “State Of The Union” interview with Chuck Schumer sounded more like a Democrat strategy session. Rather than actually press or challenge Schumer on literally anything, Tapper spent his time lobbing softballs and offering suggestions for how the Democrats can most effectively move forward against President Trump.

“Does that constitute obstruction of justice?”, Tapper asked regarding President Trump’s actions.

“What is your response to the fact that President Trump said that when he made the decision to fire FBI Director Comey, he was thinking about the Russia probe?”

The questions were so glaringly friendly to Democrats and hostile to President Trump, that I’m not even bothering with Schumer’s answers. Jake Tapper’s biased questions and characterizations are the most newsworthy thing that happened during this interview lovefest.


The only other question Tapper asked (which was not captured in the above video) was “Do you think that the Senate Intelligence Committee should issue a subpoena and compel him to testify?”

And that was it. That was the entire interview.

CNN’s Jake Tapper laid out a series of softballs and strategy ideas for the Democrat Senate Minority Leader, on national television, for all to witness. And the worst part is, Tapper will claim to see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

A ProTip for Jake Tapper: If you’re going to call yourself an impartial journalist, then try to avoid being the most liberal person in the room when you’re interviewing Chuck Schumer.

Remaining Transcript Of Tapper’s Interview With Schumer

President Trump recently suggested that there may be recordings of his conversations with Comey. So Tapper asked, “If they do exist, will Democrats demand that they be subpoenaed.”

“Are Republican colleagues of yours saying anything to you off the record, obviously without naming all of them, about all of this?” And in case he wasn’t being clear enough, an obviously dismayed Tapper continued “About the firing, and the explanation, and the tweet, and the seeming threat?”

Discussing possible replacements for Comey, Tapper’s only question was: “In your mind, does that taint Senator Cornyn’s ability to serve as Director of the FBI?”

“You called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate this possible collusion between the Trump team and Russia. Your party however is not settled on a strategy…”, at which point Tapper went on to discuss possible strategies the Democrats might use. The question ended up being, “Do you support that move?”

Finally, “What do you think about Sessions’ claim to have recused himself? Do you think he should be investigated by the Senate? And should it be investigated by the Inspector General at the DOJ?”


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  1. […] Jake Tapper interviewed Chuck Schumer on “State Of The Union” just over a year ago, in May 2017. It’s understandable however that Tapper wants people to forget about that interview because it was a disgusting display of journalistic malpractice and partisanship. (And I know because it actually compelled me to write an entire piece about it.) The “interview” was a lovefest of softballs and pro-Democrat strategizing, which you can watch for yourself and read about here. […]


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