Then Vs. Now: Media Hypocrisy Over Comey Firing

Back then they called Comey “unfit,” but now they’re outraged that President Trump dared to fire him. Below are just a few examples of hypocrisy from The Washington Post, Newsweek, MSNBC and The Boston Globe.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin then (November 7th, 2016)…

The Comey misadventure nevertheless should prove that the FBI requires new leadership and a thorough housecleaning to sweep out any officials who feel compelled to put their thumb on the scale of a democratic election. Perhaps he will spare everyone the trouble and quit.

Rubin now, seeming to forget that she too once thought Comey’s leadership made a mess…

Rubin then…


Rubin now…


In fairness, this Washington Post “conservative” seems to have a real affinity for chasing and/or demanding firings…

But the best part of the Rubin hypocrisy is that back in 2016 she called Trump supporters “predictably hypocritical” because they didn’t appropriately hate Comey with her.

If nothing else, the episode nicely demonstrates how predictably hypocritical Trumpkins are — concerned only with getting their way and devoid of any real concern about fairness and transparency.

Some might say that spending half your day demanding people be fired only to then demand the people who did the firing be fired for firing people — is more than a little hypocritical. But people who say that should probably be fired, amirite Jen?!

Next we have Joe Scarborough and all his friends insisting that Comey cannot effectively run the FBI…

And here is Joe now that President Trump announced plans to replace Comey with someone better suited for the job…

That’s pretty dramatic, Joe. Even Rob Lowe’s “The Grinder” — arguably the most dramatic character ever conceived — would be impressed!


In October 2016, the Boston Globe’s Michael Cohen indicted Comey’s “latest abuse of power,” insisting that “the biggest loser here is the credibility of the FBI and the Department of Justice — and the American people’s confidence in both institutions”

The headline read…


And now that President Trump has sought to restore “the credibility of the FBI” and “the American people’s confidence in” it…


Last but certainly not least, here was Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald then:

James Comey should not simply be fired as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He must be barred forever from any form of public service.

The headline…


Suddenly, now that President Trump will be tapping someone else to head up the FBI, Eichenwald isn’t so emotional about the whole “Comey’s unfit” thing…

These selectively outraged establishment grifters will try to apply nuance, desperately insisting that “it’s different now because Comey was investigating Trump!” But ultimately, no matter what the content of the story is, they’re going to find the angle that lets them be the most outraged at Donald Trump — who pummeled their entire establishment grift and has been laughing at them ever since.

Significantly more important is that each of these pearl-clutching morons, along with literally everyone on CNN and most of the mainstream media, are starting from and seeking to affirm an outright laughable premise: The logical conclusion they’re driving at is that the President of the United States is secretly a Russian operative who is working closely with our enemies, and now that Donald Trump … a Russian spy … has successfully infiltrated the highest levels of our government — only the brave, tireless media can stop him and save the USA and probably definitely also the world.

Once you wrap your head around that and then pair it with the 24×7 hand-wringing they’ve used in an effort to salt this nothingburger, the phrase “Fake News” seems like a wild understatement.

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