Teen Magazine Promotes Racist Views

Twitter exploded on Monday night when Affinity Magazine sent out a racially-charged tweet comparing looks based on skin color.

The now-deleted tweet showed Nicki Minaj and the Olsen twins at the Met Gala, and said “White people age like bananas.”


The reaction on Twitter was swift…

Others chided @TheAffinityMag for insensitivity, given the Olsen’s highly-publicized personal issues…

After enduring the blowback, the teen magazine tried to defend the tweet…

Not good enough…

Finally, the mea culpa…

Again, socially engaged Twitter users were unforgiving…

Eventually Affinity Magazine deleted the tweet without explanation, seeming to acknowledge its toxicity in the social ethos.

Does that mean the magazine, which is geared to attract young minds, will stop promoting racial division and insensitivity?

Probably not, but we’ll see.

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