Politico Reporter: My Job Is To Defeat Trump

Sunday on CNN a reporter revealed that she sees the media as the opposition party to President Trump.

Tara Palmeri is Politico’s White House Correspondent and was on “Reliable Sources” discussing the President’s relationship with the media. She began by talking about how to communicate with President Trump’s supporters: “He tells a story better than anyone else. And he tells a very simple story and there are a lot of holes in it. And it’s our job to find the holes. But unfortunately, because his base…he tells these simple stories. He basically read a parable or a children’s book to explain, you know, a story last night. And I think that that’s why he can connect with people.”

She then said, “And as the press, we have to be better at telling our stories more compelling. And we need to be able to show the holes in a way that is simple and that can be understood by everyday people.”


Jason Miller, a former adviser to the Trump campaign, either missed or for some reason ignored both of Palmeri’s gaffes. Rather than go on offense, Miller instead went on defense with regard to the President’s use of a story, pleading “Those who are concerned about border security and terrorism, the images that we see on TV, they heard that parable and they knew exactly what he was speaking to about. Keeping them safe. They loved it.”

But Miller’s miss didn’t wake up Palmeri, who seemed determined to prove President Trump’s point about the media being the opposition party. She shot back, “But we have to show the other side of the parable!”

So Politico’s White House Correspondent, Tara Palmeri, implied that a) President Trump’s supporters are like children and must be communicated with as such, and b) Her job as a journalist is not to promote truth — but solely to defeat President Trump.

She may has well have been speaking at a private Democrat strategy session. And virtually no one at this table batted an eye. This is why so many people agree with President Trump when he calls the media the opposition party.


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