Shorter Don Lemon: ‘All Blacks Think Alike And I Speak For Them’

Thursday night on CNN, host Don Lemon yet again offensively insisted that Americans who happen to be black think and react as a monolith.

As if it’s not bad enough that liberals like Lemon celebrate the segregation still pushed by the left as they insist that there’s a “black America” which is separate from the rest of America (there isn’t) — and as if it’s not bad enough that liberals like Lemon insist that all black people think alike (they don’t) — to compound the division-inducing bigotry pushed by Lemon and the left, he this time around is also claiming to be the spokesperson for that alleged monolithic thinking (he isn’t).

It all started because Jeffrey Lord said that Donald Trump is like the “Martin Luther King Jr. of healthcare.”

As Lord explained, he wasn’t comparing the work that President Trump is doing to the work that MLK did. (But you’d be forgiven for noting that on literally every other day of the week, the left insist that healthcare is a civil rights issue.) Lord, rather, was comparing the tactics they used. “It is a tactic. It is a colorless strategy that was used very effectively by Dr. King for civil rights, by Gandhi to get independence from India, by Vietnam protesters — of which I was once one for a bit in the 1960s and 70s — to end the Vietnam war. It is a colorless strategy.”

Before Lord finished, Lemon was already dismissing outright the intellectually honest rebuttal. “That’s a reach,” a very sour Lemon lamented.

But it wasn’t a reach. The tactics are virtually the same: When the status quo puts people in harm’s way, social and political tacticians have at critical times let that status quo do the talking for them in order to inspire engagement and ultimately effect change.

What’s really going on in this segment is that Don Lemon along with liberal activists Symone Sanders and Bakari Sellers came prepared to lynch Lord, just as the left do any time the opportunity presents itself with regard to racial issues.

Lemon was even so excited about his pending turn at the crybully pulpit, that he asked his Twitter followers to weigh in beforehand…

…an entirely gratuitous request to be sure, as I promise Lemon had zero need for anyone else’s input as he ascended his outrage-amplifying pedestal.

What followed throughout the rest of the interview was excruciating to watch due in part to Lord’s own restraint and diplomacy, but also due to the reality that we on the right are in the very early stages of pushing back on the left’s “Everyone is always racist” narrative — and so our arguments, and the capacity to effectively make those arguments, are a long way from fully matured.

Of particular note was Lemon’s implication that all black people think alike, and that he is the spokesperson for all black people. Referencing the “three people of color” who were on the panel with Lord, Lemon said “We are telling you that that comparison was insulting, and you’re ignoring it.” The implication here is that because Lemon and the two other black people who happened to make it on his panel feel a certain way, Lord and the viewers should accept that it must be true generally.

To be clear, when Lemon or any other liberal says “people of color” — what they really mean is “liberal.” The same is true when they talk about Hispanics, women, gay people and Muslims. If you’re black, Hispanic, female, LGTBQ and/or Muslim and dare to challenge their established narrative, then you no longer count. And a major part of that narrative relies on the fact that the left — like Lemon, Sanders and Sellers — thrive off of racial division, and so they literally create it every chance they get. And this was one of those opportunities for them.

So when Lemon says “Three black people are sitting here telling you they’re offended,” what he’s really saying is “Three liberals are sitting here telling you they’re offended.”

For that reason it’s good that Lord didn’t back down, but he still unfortunately failed to more forcefully make that point. If he had, it may have sounded like this…

Don, candidly, I’m sitting here talking to three liberals. And every one of you want to make this conversation more racially charged, and want to paint me as some kind of insensitive quote/unquote white person at best — bigot at worst — because it’s what the left’s entire platform is built on. The only reason anyone still cares about race — the only reason Symone is sitting here insisting that she’s ‘black’ before she’s even ‘American’ — is because of conversations like these and leftists like you, who demand that we all focus 24×7 on color — and that ‘character’ is just an afterthought in this country. It’s not, Don. It’s only an afterthought on the left. But I’m not going to sit here and let you tell me that because you, Symone and Bakari — three liberals — all feel a certain way, that I should somehow be ashamed or apologize. And Don while you can point to social media mobs and whatever else, there are plenty of Americans watching right now who, like you, happen to be black — and who disagree with you and Symone and Bakari. So don’t tell me that because three liberals on this panel right now say I should be ashamed, then it must mean all black people agree. I assure you, Don, they don’t. We’re all Americans first and even though that kind of progressive thinking is ‘bad for business’ on the left, it’s the reality and one that I won’t let you sweep under the rug just to continue perpetuating your racially divisive, destructive liberal narrative. My comparison was about tactics used. And I stand by it. That you want to turn it in to something racially charged is evidence foremost of your own inability and unwillingness to see beyond race. And if David Clarke or Wayne Dupree or Crystal Wright or Kevin Jackson or David Webb were here right now — who are also black — I’m sure they’d agree with me. The rest of us have evolved, Don. The only thing still holding this nation back on issues of race, are leftists like you who refuse to let us move forward.

That’s the forceful reply that Lord and others on the right should be giving. But it didn’t happen, and thus the door flung open for Lemon to begin the browbeating.

“Answer the question now!” Lemon fumed.

“I don’t want to hear about stuff from 50 damn years ago!”, he yelled, apparently unaware that the central component of the conversation was MLK — whose life and legacy occurred approximately 50 damn years ago.

These are the theatrics the left use when they’re enabled by their own self righteousness. Lemon was at this point literally yelling while Sanders and Sellers both watched on, respectively crying and on the brink of tears. All because Jeffrey Lord correctly noted that Trump is using the same tactics for healthcare reform that MLK used for civil rights. But to leftists like Don Lemon, Symone Sanders and Bakari Sellers — that means there’s an opportunity to call someone a racist, imply that black people are different than everyone else, insist that they speak for all black people — and that only they, on the left, truly understand and can speak on the subject. But as noted in a Letter To The Left that I wrote several months ago…

There are plenty of happy, successful, unaggrieved, Liberty-rich Americans who happen to also be black, Hispanic, women, gay and/or Muslim.

They’re called Republicans.

And every time you sympathy bigots on the left say black, Hispanic, gay, woman or Muslim — what you actually mean is “liberal,” as evidenced best by your persistent insistence that any of the aforesegregated individuals can’t possibly be “real” unless they subscribe to your narrow, intolerant, thought bigotry.

Noted author Crystal Wright was gracious enough to offer this comment in time for publication…

You can watch the entire Lord/Lemon segment below, but a cautionary note: It’s pretty painful because Lord, despite his best efforts, still isn’t prepared to take these leftists to task for their regressive thinking. But he shouldn’t feel too bad about that, because candidly neither is anyone else on the right. We’ll get there. We always do. We led in 1863. We led in 1964. And we’ll someday lead again — hopefully sooner than later — to expose and eliminate the Democrats’ historically consistent penchants for metaphoric slavery and literal segregation, which today both sit in plain sight and are wrongly promoted by the media and left as being “progressive.”




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