‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Gets Got

Viral superstar Danielle Bregoli is finding out that her time in the spotlight might be very lonely.

The “Cash me outside! How bow daw!?” girl has seen her stock rise since the Dr. Phil appearance that made her famous…

And with her newfound fame and pending fortune, Danielle felt like bragging a bit…

But Twitter, as it so often does, had other plans for Danielle’s celebration…

Then, finally, a volunteer…

I’m not sure if you’d call that a happy ending, but the well-timed confluence of “tribes” literally made me laugh out loud and thus needed to get documented. And now my work here is done.

Author’s note: While Danielle’s star has risen thanks to her inflammatory and confrontational style, it’s with at least some pause that I spend a few minutes enjoying the show. She is, after all, a very young person. And while many of us may at times laugh, I also personally/sincerely hope the sum of her experiences net a better educated and adjusted life ahead of her.

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