On Eve Of POW Day, Jake Tapper Disgraces 5 POW Stories

In an effort to make sure everyone knows how much he hates Donald Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper spent his Saturday morning exploiting the very POWs he so ardently claims to revere.

The Tapper Twitter tirade began by citing that President Trump proclaimed April 9th, 2017 to be National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day…

Tapper then took his followers on a gratuitous trip down memory lane, to President Trump’s personal battle with John McCain. (Notably: Only the very intellectually dishonest would say that then-candidate Trump was actually mocking all POWs. He was in a dust-up with McCain, and his shot — which landed as a very effective direct hit — was for McCain exclusively. Had you put 10 other POWs on that stage with him, Trump would’ve said “Well these guys are great. My beef is with McCain.” But that’s intellectually honest, so it’s beyond comprehension for Jake Tapper and his mainstream media pals.)

Tapper then included this story, in which Trump refused to back down from his attack on McCain. (Good!)

Next up, a series of POW stories exploited by Tapper to bolster his partisan case against our President…

Tapper attempts to tarnish these heroes’ stories by using them as props in his personal war against President Trump…

Tapper then closes things out with what he hopes will be a crushing blow to President Trump…

Of course, despite what Tapper claims is “dishonorable and offensive” treatment of veterans by Trump — those same veterans voted for President Trump by a margin of 2-to-1 over Hillary Clinton (and Jake Tapper’s Clinton News Network). It’s thus unlikely that Tapper’s partisan hatred for President Trump will have any significant impact.

To the contrary, rather than simply honoring these POWs by sharing their names and stories — CNN’s Jake Tapper instead used them as props in his personal war against the United States’ Commander-In-Chief. It’s this type of desperate, disgraceful overreach that has made CNN the least trusted name in news.


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