CNN Hacks Attack Trump Over Syria Strikes

After spending days demanding that President Trump take action on Syria, the fake news hacks at CNN today found every reason they could to fault him for doing so.

Host Brooke Baldwin kicked things off, noting “This is the President who tried to install an indefinite travel ban against Syrian refugees.”

Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger added “You can get whiplash if you look at Donald Trump’s positions just a week ago, much less in 2013, to now.” She continued, baffled: “I’m not sure we actually know what the President’s policy is.”

An exacerbated David Chalian — CNN’s Political Director — fumed, “I’m much more intrigued by a year on the campaign trail, and even in the last several months, of putting forth an ‘America First’ policy. Even as recently as days ago saying ‘I am not President of the world. I am President of America.’ And then to be so persuaded by these pictures to fundamentally change that worldview, whether that is a permanent change or just a change because the circumstances fit to be able to do a decisive action this week in this scenario, is something that I think we have to pay very close attention to going forward.”

Seemingly eager to land a direct hit that would insult or worry the President’s supporters, Chalian then said “That’s just a totally different worldview than he sold to the American public throughout the campaign.”

Now back to Gloria Borger, who continued the attacks without missing a beat: “Well and it raises the question quite honestly of whether Donald Trump has a fixed and firm worldview. ‘America First’ is a great slogan and it certainly worked during the campaign, but what’s his worldview now?”

Apparently under the impression that she was revealing new information, Borger went on to note that “When it comes to foreign policy and you have allies and the world is watching you, I think they’d like to know where you’re coming from. As would many people in the Congress and the rest of the world.”

Chalian, morbidly obese and now nearly out of breath, concluded: “As the world gets to learn Donald Trump, and they see now that the images that came out of Syria were able to flip him 180 degrees, it begs the question of how people around the world or people in Congress or people inside his West Wing, now are going to be able to provide him data if they think he is so movable in such a dramatic way.”


There’s been no indication from the White House that President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian air field was based exclusively on “pictures,” despite Baldwin and Chalian’s repeated claims that that’s exactly what happened.

Editor’s note: CNN is fake news. They spend virtually every minute of every day attacking President Trump, and those who support him. For this reason it’s important that we note — we don’t watch CNN. We monitor it, because they’re Exhibit A in both fake news and media bias.

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