Trump’s Refusal To Trash Putin May Pay Off

Today on CNN, security expert David Rohde said we’ll need good relations with Russia in order to execute military action in Syria.

Discussing a U.S. response in Syria, host Wolf Blitzer noted “In the process, the U.S. could wind up killing Russians and Iranians. That could cause further problems, right?”

Rohde, the National Security Investigations Editor at Reuters, said “Yeah you’re absolutely right. What happens if an American weapon kills a Russian adviser? We don’t know where these advisers are based. They could be spread out across the country. I think there would be less fallout if it was an Iranian adviser, but this is very serious stuff if you are mistakenly harming a Russian adviser. So it’s a serious step.”

He continued, “I think the administration would have to talk to Russia about this beforehand. And members of the U.S. military have been nervous about that. They’ve not wanted to cooperate militarily with Russia. So it’s not a simple step, but as we’re hearing the President is considering it.”


It’s almost as if President Trump was right not to gratuitously trash Vladimir Putin, despite desperate urging from the media and DC establishment to do so.


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