CNN Anchor Enraged By Challenge On Syria Gas Story

On Wednesday’s “At This Hour With Kate Bolduan,” the CNN host was unable to conceal her contempt for GOP Congressman Thomas Massie.

Discussing the recent allegations of chemical warfare in Syria, Bolduan began by insisting that President Trump’s only plan is to blame President Obama: “Is the solution to this problem blaming the President before him?”

Massie noted, “Frankly, people want us to take out ISIS I believe. But it’s dubious as to whether it serves the American interests to take out Assad.”

Bolduan pressed again, “Right but that goes directly to my question! The President’s only public statement so far has been to blame President Obama for inaction. Is blaming President Obama the answer here?”

The allegedly impartial CNN host was on live TV implying that the President of the United States thinks “blaming President Obama” is an actual plan to defeat ISIS and end humanitarian crises the world over; a claim so laughably partisan that it has no place on a supposedly neutral news broadcast.

But then again, this is CNN.


Bolduan then trotted out the little girl whose cries CNN is exploiting for emotional responses. Massie responded to the clip, noting that “We haven’t created a better school environment for the children in Iraq, frankly, by destabilizing that country. And I don’t think it serves the children in Syria, or anybody in the United States to further destabilize Syria.”

The CNN host again went low: “So you hear that plea from her, you see the images coming out of Syria, and you think the best policy for the United States right now,” she said before a dramatic pause, “is to do nothing.”

Things really took a turn when Massie had the gull to imply that all the facts aren’t in yet, and the US should reserve actual military action and/or judgment until we know what all the facts are. “I don’t think Assad would have done that. It does not serve his interests, it would tend to draw us in to that civil war even further…”

A visibly stunned Bolduan cut him off sharply, “Who do you think is behind it? You think. You. Who do you think is behind it?!”

The exchange continued from there, with Bolduan’s contemptuous facial expressions doing most of the talking.

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