This Is CNN: Experienced Host Browbeats Trump Voters

Today on CNN’s “New Day,” host Alisyn Camerota let her mask of impartiality slip during a hostile interview with Trump voters.

Camerota pressed the President’s early backers about their continued support for him. The experienced newswoman jumped at every opportunity to back these media laypeople in to corners.

“Based on!?” or “Such as!?”, Camerota aggressively shot back within milliseconds of guests’ answers.

Said one panelist of healthcare, “It didn’t work out as well as we had hoped.”

Camerota disagreed with that assessment, insisting “It didn’t work out at all!”

It went on like this for the entire discussion, with supporters doing their best in the hot seat to make their case — and Camerota, an expert in this setting, shooting them down and telling them why they’re wrong.

Watch this mash-up of the action…

Unfortunately for Camerota and her peers at CNN, their persistent anti-Trump characterizations have not swayed these voters’ opinions. They all gave President Trump an “A,” except for one person. His complaint? President Trump hasn’t take the media to task enough for their partisan obstructionism. And viewers of this segment may be inclined to agree!

You can view the segment in its entirety, below…

The action is scheduled to continue tomorrow as Camerota talks to these voters about Russia. I wonder how that will go? Haha just joking. We know exactly how that will go: A snarky, experienced media elite will passive-aggressively berate what she perceives to be a collection of rubes who happen to have opinions different than her own.


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