Peter Alexander Wonders Why ANYONE ‘Should Be Helping This President’

On Monday’s “MTP Daily,” host Peter Alexander suggested that President Trump is failing and so it doesn’t make sense for anyone from any political party to work with him.

The allegedly impartial journalist used MSNBC’s airwaves to wonder aloud, “Well among the questions right now is really why members of either party should be helping this President now. What’s striking is the new, the latest number from Gallup has his approval at roughly 36%.” He continued, “What is the motivation for Democrats to throw him a life vest right now?”


Alexander works for NBC News as their White House Correspondent, which made his partisan line of questioning that much more flagrant. It may surprise Alexander to learn that while only 36% may approve of President Trump’s performance right now, a far more narrow margin of 14% share Alexander’s apparent desire to see the President fail.

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