CNN’s Hysterical Nunes/Trump Accusations

Monday on CNN, “The Lead” fill in host John Berman tried several times to level an ominous accusation about Devin Nunes being “on the White House grounds.”

After a lead-in story suggested something nefarious may be afoot between Nunes and the White House, Berman introduced Congressman Adam Kinzinger and asked him: “Chairman Nunes says he was on the White House grounds in order to meet with his source in a secure location where he could view I guess the information provided by the source, even though by the way Chairman Nunes I suppose could’ve done it on Capitol Hill. What’s your reaction to this?”

Kinzinger replied, “I’m having a hard time really seeing what the big, in essence, ‘scandal’ is about the Chairman going to the White House itself. I mean from what I understand, the intel committee, the Chairman himself, goes to a lot of different areas to view different information. This may be where that was located.”

Later in the broadcast, it was former Congressman Mike Rogers’ turn. Asked by Berman why Nunes would have to go “to the White House grounds” to review sensitive information, Rogers noted that “The material that he needed to review may have been there, and that person wasn’t authorized to take that material off of those grounds. That could very well be.”

Last but not least, Katrina vanden Heuvel — Editor & Publisher of the far left “The Nation” magazine — finished things off. After watching Berman reach for conclusions that were easily shot down, vanden Heuvel shifted: “I also wish, if I might, in a comment on media and media malpractice, that the media wasn’t spending as much time on this, and more on how to improve the condition of peoples’ lives.” She continued, “Too much time, it seems to me, is being spent on Trump’s tweets which drove this story from the outset. And frenzy around Russia, which is debilitating our discourse and our political life.”

When you’re supposed to be an impartial host of a straight news program and you’re being lectured by Katrina vanden Heuvel about overplaying your hand, some introspection might be in order.


Three strikes and you’re out, John. Better luck next time!

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