Brooke Baldwin Almost Breaks Her Neck

Upon learning that President Trump feels vindicated regarding his wiretapping claims, CNN host Brooke Baldwin got a little aggressive.

Speaking with The Hill’s Bob Cusack, Baldwin said “But again, even talking to Manu in listening to Devin Nunes, umm Bob, that he said ‘This doesn’t back up the President’s tweet on wiretapping from a couple of Saturdays at all.’ He’s talking in fact about broader surveillance than the chairman is.”

Cusack barely got the words “It’s not wiretapping” out before Baldwin leapt forward, insisting “So he shouldn’t feel vindicated!?”


The emphatic pleading from Baldwin — to include the “even talking to Manu” citation, with Manu being her CNN co-worker — comes after weeks of her (and Manu) using the wiretapping story to bludgeon President Trump. We’ll continue monitoring to see how some of the others at CNN, who also spent weeks either mocking or dismissing the President’s claims, react.

See also how MSNBC’s Brian Williams took the news.

This post was written for a more formal publication elsewhere. Since it was passed on, I posted it here. That said, if you think it doesn’t flow with the style of this blog — you’re correct.

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