Trump’s Taxes Return Mockery For Maddow

Twitter’s judgment was swift and certain after Rachel Maddow failed to deliver on a promise she made last night to reveal President Trump’s taxes.

It all started when the host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” tweeted this to her 80K followers…

Word quickly spread, and before long #TrumpTaxReturns was one of Twitter’s top trends.

Unfortunately for Rachel and her fans, the big reveal was anything but. What Maddow had was two pages from the President’s 2005 return, that failed to deliver the crushing blow so many had expected and hoped for.

And Twitter users, leveraging every bit of those persistently snarky 140 characters that they’re famous for, let her know about it…

There was at least one user who earned top billing in support of Maddow’s efforts…

Meanwhile however, a search for “maddow but” along with other related keywords revealed disappoint from her fans along with a consistent them: She was set up!

Maddow’s faithful should expect the social media-savvy host to offer at least some acknowledgment of their disappointment in tomorrow’s broadcast.

Still, if they’re hoping for a true release of the President’s tax returns — they’re going to have wait longer.

You can watch the full segment from Maddow’s “scoop,” here.

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