SNL Introduces Max: The Dog Who Loves Trump!

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, the writers introduced viewers to Max the dog — who is a huge supporter of President Trump.

The sketch was about a team of scientists who had been working diligently on a device that would translate a dog’s thoughts into actual words. Eager to show the results to their investors, the scientists flipped the switch that would let them hear Max’s thoughts. Things quickly took a turn however, when it was revealed that Max is a huge supporter of President Trump — and just as candid as the President, too.

After a few glitchy seconds, the device was up and running and Max started talking about what he likes. “And Max, what else do you like?”, asked one of the scientists who was also playing Max’s owner. The dog responded, “I like park. And leash.”

Emotions were palpable; beaming between various degrees of disbelief, excitement and optimism. The machine was working! They were truly hearing, for the first time ever, the actual thoughts of one of their beloved pets.

And then, the big reveal…

And I like Trump. He’s my man!

Everyone in the room was stunned and desperately hoping what they just heard was the result of another glitch, but Max — now with the full confidence of his perfect speaking ability — wasn’t having it: “There’s no glitch. Donald Trump is our President. He carried the electoral college fair and square” cooed Max in a calm, cool and very self-satisfied tone.

As Max continued his praise of President Trump, another of the scientists tried a more assertive approach, insisting “Hey Max, no! You drop that right now! You don’t like Trump!”

Max shot back, “The Dow is up 2700 points since he was elected. What’s not to like!?”

After enduring more of the room’s disapproval simply for asserting his own views, Max lectured that “It’s that condescending attitude that made people want to vote for Trump in the first place.”

Beginning to accept that her dog is a Trump supporter, Max’s owner cried out “I can’t believe you’re saying this! You’re supposed to be my best friend!”

Max, now taking on a condescending tone of his own, replied “And as your friend, I don’t want to see your tax dollars going to healthcare for illegals.”

And this, above, is just a sampling of Max’s rapid-fire assertions and retorts.

Critics have become increasingly vocal noting that while NBC’s Saturday Night Live has always slanted to the left, since the election it seems they’re trying harder to be mean to the President and his supporters, than to be funny. This particular sketch was a distant — and to some, long overdue and welcome — departure from that.


While this was viewed by many as a very funny and welcome skit, there were some elements toward the conclusion that also raised eyebrows. It’s been observed that, despite Max’s well-articulated defense of his positions, the others in the room first threatened to kill him for his views…but then settled for silencing him, before forcing him to wear a pink-knit ‘pussycat’ hat that’s become popular among Hillary Clinton supporters. It’s unclear if the writers intended to include these at times true-to-life reactions from those who oppose President Trump, or if it was just a coincidence.

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