Louise Mensch’s Awkward Judgment

When asked for corroboration to back up her claim that President Trump may have committed an impeachable offense, journalist Louise Mensch’s answer was “hilarious.”

No, seriously. It was…

The incident happened on MSNBC Live, when host Richard Lui asked how President Trump’s wiretapping claims fits in with Mensch’s own reporting.

After discussing her November reporting about a warrant that’s been linked to wiretapping claims, Mensch went on to speculate with regard to President Trump: “Which means that if he tweeted evidence in an ongoing, top-secret case — then he obstructed justice, and that’s an impeachable offense.”

Lui replied: “Do you have any sources or reporting that is relevant to that thought?”

Mensch’s answer, critics will suggest, gives credence to claims that her anti-Trump bias may cloud the efficacy of her conclusions: “Ummm…no…other than it was hilarious to actually be the subject of the White House putting out press releases about my reporting.”


If you claim the President may have obstructed justice thereby committing an impeachable offense — and your only evidence is that you personally think it’s “hilarious” that someone might take your reporting seriously…you’re on shaky ground.

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