Hawaii AG Okay With Honor Killings?

The Trump Administration plans to watch for hate crimes, honor killings and domestic violence — and that makes Doug Chin, the Attorney General of Hawaii, uncomfortable.

Appearing on MSNBC Live, Chin notes: “I think one of the concerns that we have about the Executive Order, even when we were reading through the new one, is just that it has…it still contains words such as ‘We’re gonna make sure that we track every one of these citizens and non-citizens that are based in these countries to look and see whether or not they’re committing hate crimes, or honor killings, or domestic violence.'”

Many would argue that Chin’s concern about monitoring and seeking to mitigate hate crimes, honor killings and domestic violence — is itself a cause for great concern.

Chin goes on to note, “And perhaps worst of all: Anybody from one of these six  — it used to be seven — but anyone from one of these six countries is presumptively a terrorist.”

The six countries included in President Trump’s Executive Order were selected based on their proliferation of radical Islamic terror, coupled with a subsequent inability by those governments to track and identify those responsible for that terrorism. Unchallenged by MSNBC host Richard Lui, it’s unclear if Attorney General Chin was ever made aware of that.


This post was written for publication elsewhere, but was passed on by that publication. So if you think it doesn’t flow with the rest of this blog, you’re correct. And if you think it’s not very good, you’re probably also correct — as it was passed on haha.

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