Hoax JCC Threats Are Hate Crimes Against Trump Supporters

The media and various political organizations all owe President Trump and his supporters an apology. They were all quick to blame the President and his supporters for the many bomb threats being leveled against the Jewish Community Centers. Today we have learned that several of those threats were made – as many of us predicted – by a leftist who fiercely opposes President Trump.

This is a huge story. I’ve written throughout these pages that the left is notorious for creating the very hate, pain and division that they purport to combat. And as soon as we started hearing about the many threats to JCCs across the US — I and many others were positive that these were not “Trump supporters” as so many in the media enjoyed reporting without evidence. To the contrary, as noted in a piece I wrote just a few weeks ago…

I’m yet to hear of a single post-election “hate crime” incident that wasn’t actually perpetrated by leftists to help fabricate your bullshit narrative. Feel free to point me to an example where an actual racist is the culprit, and I’ll point you to 2 more where it was a hoax.

Just a few examples…

February 2017, Capital University: “Jalen Mitchell reported to campus police on Jan. 26 that he found a note containing racist and homophobic language taped to the back door of his university-owned residence. After further investigation, campus police determined that the incident was a fabrication.” (Story here.)

December 2016, New York City: “A Muslim student who said she was harassed on the subway by drunken, hate-spewing white men shouting ‘Donald Trump!’ lied to police because she broke her curfew, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.” (Story here.)

December 2016, University of Michigan: “Ann Arbor police say a report of ethnic intimidation involving a woman wearing a hijab did not actually happen.” (Story here.)

November 2016, University of Louisiana: “A Muslim college student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has admitted to making up her story about being assaulted and robbed by two men near campus this week, which was investigated as a politically motivated hate crime.” (Story here.)

And there are many, many, many more.

But unless you go looking for these stories, you won’t hear about them. You only hear the “fake news” pushed by the media that, like the false accusations themselves, are intended to hurt President Trump and make his supporters all look like hateful, violent racists.

The folks at CNN — Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow, Brooke Baldwin, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon — they love pushing these stories. And every single one of them looks like they’re about to cry while doing it. These purveyors of fake news should get Oscars for their acting performances. When it’s a story about racism and hate that they can suggest was committed by President Trump’s supporters — each one of CNN’s allegedly neutral anchors become Hollywood actors fleeting between expressions of furious moral outrage and total emotional devastation over what they claim is vitriol and violence being sanctioned by our nation’s President.

Meanwhile, their insistence that this hate and vitriol is so ubiquitous — that black people, Hispanics, women, LGBTQ and Muslims are all uniformly targeted by evil, hateful, violent Trump supporters — their insistence itself creates far more hate and violence, than do any of the Trump supporters they falsely accuse of trafficking in it.

They teach the left that they are now and forever will be victims of the right’s hate and violence. And so what’s a good leftist to do with all that ferocity?

“I mean, Trump is still President and his supporters are still happy! Doesn’t anyone know how awful and evil they are!?!?! As a good leftist, I need to take matters in to my own hands. I need to create fake hate crimes that will get media attention so that everyone knows how bad Trump supporters truly are!”

And that’s how it plays out. Sometimes it may be in tandem with a broken curfew, or an unhinged reaction to unrequited love…but it’s almost always leftists, and almost always based on the false, media-driven belief that such right-minded hate and violence are already ubiquitous. And it then becomes self-sustaining, because CNN and the rest eagerly report on it with tears in their eyes. The ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt comes out attacking our President as enabling anti-Semitism, even though the preponderance of evidence suggests that these are hoax crimes being perpetrated by angry leftists to hurt President Trump and his supporters. The Anne Frank Center’s Steven Goldstein does the exact same thing — again, with the only real evidence suggesting that these are not Trump supporters, but rather those who oppose President Trump and want to make him look bad.

And it becomes the news.

For days.

And days.

And people like me have to sit there, day after day, watching and listening as the fake news media spend hours blaming our President — and those who dare to support him — for crimes that most of us know are being committed by leftists just to make us look bad.

It’s infuriating and it’s dangerous because — with all these false reports of violence and hate being committed by Trump supporters — the left is only becoming more emboldened. We see them justifying actual violence in the name of their political beliefs as they physically assault female, gay and other Trump supporters. We see them committing more and more hoax hate crimes. And we see the media eagerly take the bait, every time. Thankfully President Trump had the guts to at least start calling them out when he said some of these alleged hate crimes are done “to make others look bad.” That’s a start. But we need to be even more forceful. These hoax crimes are not only just as bad as real “hate crimes,” but they’re arguably worse for one key reason: They needlessly instill a climate of fear — of terror, actually — where none would otherwise exist. The people who commit hoax hate crimes want there to be fear and pain and terror. And they succeed many times over when they get ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and The New York Times to dedicate days of coverage to their hoax crimes. The USA has done a great deal of healing over the last several generations, but much of that healing is today being undone thanks to those committing these hoax crimes…and the media gladly playing along.

I’ve noted many times that the left thrive off of — and thus create — the very racism, hate, division and destruction that they purport to combat. And these hoax hate crimes are rock-solid evidence of that.

We are now calling on the Anti-Defamation League (Jonathan Greenblatt), the Anne Frank Center (Steven Goldstein) and CNN (literally everyone there; the entire network) to apologize to President Trump, and his supporters. Despite the mountains of evidence that these threats are obvious hoaxes, you still not only ran with the stories — but you piled on, shaming President Trump for not more forcefully attacking those whose only real “crime” has been to support him. Shame on you. You owe us an apology now — and a lot more introspection and thoughtfulness later, the next time something like this comes up. And while you’re at it, you may want to give your own supporters a good talking-to. Many of them are becoming increasingly unhinged, and thus far more likely not only to carry out hoax hate crimes — but also real hate crimes against those with whom they politically disagree.

In the end, these hoax hate crimes against JCCs and others are intended to, and successfully do, create very real hate for President Trump and his supporters. And in that way, the hoax hate crimes perpetrated by the left are very real hate crimes against the right. That Jake Tapper, Jonathan Greenblatt and Steven Goldstein think they can just sweep these things under the rug after stoking so much fear, division and hate — is not okay.

UPDATE, MARCH 23, 2017

Another arrest has been made in connection with several other JCC threats across the U.S. The suspect is a Jewish teen living in Israel, who is not alleged to be a Trump-supporting anti-semite — despite what literally everyone at CNN, along with Jonathan Greenblatt at the Anti Defamation League and Steven Goldstein at the Anne Frank Center all spent weeks breathlessly implying.


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