Four Examples of MSM Bias & Fake News

Here are a few examples of media bias and fake news from just the last few weeks.

First, we have George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.” The guest is Stephen Miller from the Trump Administration, and George is engaging in a tactic that goes like this…

Me: Here is a question.

You: Here is my answer to that question. I think it’s a good answer. And thanks for asking the question. Now I’m done. Your turn.

Me: Okay thanks and by the way your stupid answer proves that you’re an idiot, but let’s move on. Here is another question.


Watch how it plays out in real time, as the allegedly non-partisan “This Week” anchor does it five times in one interview…

We’re seeing this more and more. Wolf Blitzer (CNN) is also notorious for it. The anchor/host of a show is the one who controls the conversation, and increasingly — we’re seeing them insert their partisan “last word” repeatedly throughout the interview. Of course, they only do this when a Trump supporter is on. When the guest is anti-Trump, they’re allowed to have their say without constantly being “corrected” by the host before “moving on” and not having another chance to reply. It’s a newer phenomenon that I think we’ll keep seeing with greater frequency as a tactic for how the media exact their revenge on President Trump and those who dare to support him.

Next up, we have three examples of media bias from CNN.

Recently, President Trump tweeted the following…

Notice: President Trump didn’t say “All media.” He was very specific (NYT, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN). And the fake news anchors, guests and analysts at CNN took that very personally. So how did they reply? By lying about what he said; by creating fake news! See the video below…

The irony is almost as delicious as the liberal tears that, thanks to President Trump, we all get to drink in daily!

Next up we have CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. First, let’s look at what President Trump tweeted…

Notice, President Trump said “in numerous cases.” Now let’s look at how CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, using the nationally televised platform that CNN gives her, characterized that tweet…

Ignoring that President Trump clearly said “in numerous cases,” Brooke Baldwin instead reported that he “lumped all these people [protesters] together.” To reinforce her lie, she went on to say “which is precisely what he did in that tweet.”

So yet again, we have President Trump pointing out the dishonesty of those who oppose him — and in response, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin dishonestly misrepresents what it was that President Trump actually said! Even worse, she actually presses the guest (Congressman Scott Taylor) about how dangerous President Trump’s words are: “How dangerous is it?”

There’s just one problem. They weren’t President Trump’s words! They were Brooke Baldwin’s fake news.

Finally, sticking with CNN, today we saw weekend anchor Christi Paul make a fool of herself while trying to defend her network. The topic was anonymous sources, and a Republican Strategist (Brian Robinson) noted that sometimes a news organization will use anonymous sources — but those anonymous sources don’t really tell the whole story. He said that sometimes the story a news organization will get from an anonymous source can be slanted and — in that way — unfair. Christi took great exception to that observation, and noted that at CNN they are very careful not to present slanted news. Take a look…

There are two problems here. First, she pulled the “Your answers is stupid, but let’s move on” technique. Second and more importantly, when she did “move on,” she moved on in a way that actually slanted the news! As you heard in my commentary, what Christi read was basically Ari Fleischer’s throwaway line. His much bigger point was that the media is sensationalizing this story. (His exact phrase was “hyper-ventilating.”) So right after insisting that at CNN, they never slant the news — Christi Paul went on to do exactly that. Below is Ari Fleischer’s full segment. See for yourself.

Most of us on the right have sharp radar for media bias, and lately I’ve had some fun actually documenting these instances of media bias when that radar goes up. And time permitting, I’ll continue doing this. If it were my full-time job, I could probably find 20 examples like these every. single. day. on CNN alone!

As noted often: Most of us don’t really watch CNN. Instead, we monitor the aptly named “Clinton News Network” as Exhibit A for fake news and media bias.

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