Letter To The Left: Stop ‘Helping’

Letter to a liberal who spent her life bullying and mocking the right. It was a response to an article she shared about promoting kindness in the face of so much “hate” since President Trump’s election.

Here’s the thing…

I’m yet to hear of a single post-election “hate crime” incident that wasn’t actually perpetrated by leftists to help fabricate your bullshit narrative. Feel free to point me to an example where an actual racist is the culprit, and I’ll point you to 2 more where it was a hoax.

Second of all, your insistence that racism is everywhere actually does more to create brand new, very real hatred, pain and racism — than it does to mitigate any flimsy, lingering, already-marginalized existence of old racism. In other words: You are the one who inspired Omar Mateen to go shoot up Pulse Nightclub, after you spent years wrongly promising him that he’s aggrieved, entitled, and universally hated by everyone except you and your pity-full SJW pals.

Finally, aren’t you the one who spent years screaming “STOP IMPOSING YOUR MORALITY ON ME”? Well I heard you, and I couldn’t agree more. If you and your friends want to go out and promote morality or individual acts of kindness, that’s terrific. But your broader implication that the government should be our moral compass serves only to mitigate both the merit and organic manifestations of that morality and those acts of kindness.

That murder and theft are illegal in the USA has nothing to do with “thou shalt not kill” or “thou shalt not steal.”

Murder and theft are illegal in the USA because we have individual rights, like to life and to property.

It’s not about enforcing morality, but protecting individual rights.

Inalienable rights, like to Liberty.

Liberty that you and your leftist pals — however well-intended you may be — corrupt if not outright crush every time you tell a black person, or a Hispanic person, or a woman, or a member of the LGBTQ community, or a Muslim — that while they may be individuals, they are before that part of some group wherein they’re to assume perpetual grievance. They are no longer strong individuals empowered by liberty, but they are now forever victims shackled by the faux grievance that your historically-consistent friends in the Democrat party use today to exact their metaphoric slavery and literal segregation-by-identity.

There are plenty of happy, successful, unaggrieved, Liberty-rich Americans who happen to also be black, Hispanic, women, gay and/or Muslim.

They’re called Republicans.

And every time you sympathy bigots on the left say black, Hispanic, gay, woman or Muslim — what you actually mean is “liberal,” as evidenced by your persistent insistence that any of the aforesegregated individuals can’t possibly be “real” unless they subscribe to your narrow, intolerant, liberal thought bigotry.

What you believe to be “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from your own. What you call my lack of empathy is actually your own disconnect from reality.

We have borders. And contrary to your bigoted and regressive implications, Hispanics are not too stupid to respect those borders and obey our immigration laws. You say I don’t want to give them a pass because they’re brown? I say you only want to give them a pass because they’re brown. You’re incapable of seeing the world, and the people in it, for the content of their character rather than the color of their skin; or their ethnicity; or their gender; or their sexual preference.

And while we’re here: Blacks are not too stupid to get and/or keep an ID and I wish to God you’d stop telling them that they are, because it has shades of ‘Don’t let them read!’ written all tf over it.

You create brand new racism — on both sides — every step of the way. You use “white” as a pejorative while lamenting “whiteness” as a disease, all while celebrating black and Hispanic and female supremacy as evolutionary leaps forward.

When I say I judge character, not color — you tell me that that makes me a racist. You say only through hyperfocus on race and ethnicity — only by scorning “whiteness” and effectively pitying black and brown people — can the playing field truly become level.

How many generations of your regressive bigotry will it take before kids are allowed to ignore race, ethnicity etc? Do you honestly believe that the implied segregation you force on our society will result in more racial unity and less disparity? You can’t possibly believe that and if you do, you haven’t taken your well-intended but wildly wrong prescription to its logical conclusion.

The sad, regressive, divisive reality: The only reason there’s still any focus at all on race and ethnicity in 2017 America, is because you leftists demand a laser focus on race and ethnicity.

Look…I know you’re well-intended. But I also know based on your accusations (hateful, racist, greedy, evil, etc), that you can’t say the same about me and my peers on the right. Still, consider thoughtfully: If we both want justice, opportunity and liberty for all, and I understand your good intentions while you see only evil or greed in mine — then whose good intentions are likely more intellectually evolved?

Many on my side can’t effectively articulate our point of view, because it’s a lot more complicated to define and defend than is your simple-minded “Giving is good” brand of government-mandated moral imposition (aka socialism).

But history will note that you and the regressive left did exponentially more to create racism, hate, pain, division, disparity and destruction — than you ever did to mitigate any of each. And history will further record that those atop your movement knew they were creating this destruction. However, consistent with your ends-justify-the-means mentality that enables your religious-like willingness to literally punch anyone in the face with whom you disagree, they enabled that destruction. They enabled that hate, pain, racism — they created each — because they thrive off of it. Because without that pain and hate and destruction, there would be no Democrat party. And they — those atop your party and platform — justified it all by looking forward to a bigger government ruling over smaller individuals that could, by your/their estimation, more equitably redistribute resources.

So I know what you’re going for. I see your good intentions. I do. But I’m begging you: Stop “helping.”

My side may not get it for a long time. Too many are themselves more hungry for power and station than the actual promotion of true, organic, individual liberty. Too many are too entrenched in the swamp to bother capitalizing on the fact that you and your peers on the left truly are coming from a place of good intentions.

But some of us do get it, and God help you and the institutional left (Hollywood, academia, media) if the GOP and the Right’s most amplified voices start uniformly catching up and articulating it.

And I thought you were the “party of math and science,” no? Then you should know that broken homes more than anything else are empirically proven to drive disparity. But you ignore the fact that over 70% of black kids in America come from broken homes, and instead you blame “RACISM!” for the disparities they endure. You ignore the simple logic revealing that broken homes net disparity in education, which nets disparity in income, which nets disproportionate instances of crime. You pretend that all the disparity blacks in America endure before crime occurs, somehow miraculously disappears and has nothing to do with the increased instances of crime (ie run-ins with cops) that happen later. It’s all just because America and our justice system is “RACIST!”, per you, by the time the message reaches your recreationally-engaged victims. You watch and cheer as the Obama-era and highly politicized CDC commissions studies to reveal that “fatherhood involvement” can be shown to exist equitably among the races, and thus disproves the “myth” that broken homes do in fact net disparity. (For the record: “Fatherhood involvement” and having 2 committed, lead-by-example parents who honor their commitments to each other and their families even and especially in the face of adversity, are two vastly different things. Also for the record: Your lazy citation of “White privilege” ignores the fact that Asians outperform virtually everyone across every metric. And 19% of Asians grow up in broken homes. 19%, compared to 72% of black kids. Is any of this tracking even a little bit? If you’re intellectually honest, then it should be.)

By ignoring the pre-crime statistics and instead shouting “RACIST!”, you hobble our nation with three highly destructive, unintended consequences…

1) The root problem (broken homes) gets worse, because you ignore and/or apologize for it

2) The surface problem (disparity in income, education, crime, police interaction etc) gets worse, because you misappropriate blame for it

3) The universal problem you purport to combat (racism and disparity) gets worse, because you’re busy promising brown people that they’re hated and deserve pity and lower bars — while telling white people that they should be ashamed and knock themselves down a few pegs.

Everything you want to improve on, you worsen.

Everything you touch, you make worse.

This is you aspiring to “progress.”

This is you out there talking up bullshit “hate crimes” that create homegrown terrorists by teaching young Muslim men in America that they really couldn’t be blamed for wanting to fight all the hate and injustice that you falsely tell them they perpetually endure.

This is you giving the mentally unstable Muslims an excuse for the failures that they may endure, and a reason to die more dramatically than a simple act of suicide that they may have otherwise turned to.

This is you ignoring the reality that long ago, Christianity was infested with murderous rage. And in a few thousand years, it may be Buddhism for all we know. But today, Islam is being exploited by blood-thirsty murderers who kill more Muslims than anyone else…and this is you not only excusing and apologizing for that as you spend more time lamenting “white nationalists,” but actually enabling it as you fuel the bullshit “Islamophobia” fire.

When you come out in the wake of a terror attack and immediately start virtue-signaling about “Not all Muslims,” you do three things really well: 1) Create the very anti-Muslim sentiment you purport to combat by wagging your holier-than-thou finger in the face of an already-shaken population, 2) Inspire Muslim self-segregation as you imply that everyone hates them and they need your protection, and 3) Recruit for ISIS by implying that their cause is just and their fears are real.

And when you push your morality — “We need open borders because BE NICE!” and “Healthcare is a right because GIVING IS GOOD!” — all you do is crush liberty and shackle others with faux grievance.

The illegal immigrants in our nation were seduced here by political puppets bowing to big business, and Democrats eager to segregate yet another reliable voting bloc in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme. But now, thanks to you and the sympathy bigots on the left, these otherwise good people have been taught that breaking our laws is okay. They’ve been conditioned to believe that they’re actually entitled to scam every aspect of their lives in the US, every way they can, and that it’s just big, bad right-minded racists and hate mongers who don’t want to “help” them because we’re all evil and greedy and hateful. Spend a few years in the Bronx. Get to know your neighborhood well. You’ll find most of the illegal immigrants are really good people who love their families and who want to work hard…and who truly believe their number one job is to lie and cheat at every opportunity so they can get more from the government.

You do this. You create this absence of Liberty and entitlement to lawlessness. This is your platform. And you can couch it in whatever “social justice” nonsense you want, but it comes down to simple bigotry. In 2017, bigotry isn’t about hate. It’s about pity. And the people you pity lose the one thing that enabled so much opportunity and prosperity and exceptionalism here in the USA: Liberty.

Liberty is the sole conduit between one’s life and one’s pursuit for happiness, and when you tell people that based on their race or ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation or religion that they’re somehow perpetually aggrieved and need you to protect and defend them — you’re destroying their Liberty. You’re warping them. You’re corrupting them.

Couples all over the US (like my wife and I) wait until our late 30s to have 1 or 2 kids because it’s expensive. Meanwhile, illegals all over the Bronx (like virtually all of my neighbors) have 4-5 kids as fast as they can because it’s the lucrative; the fastest and most direct path to government-funded entitlements.

Again, these are not bad people. You and the left condition them to believe that they’re both entitled and aggrieved. And that false sense of entitlement and persistent victimization means they will never, ever know any semblance of what truly enabled so much of the US exceptionalism that they risked so much to come here for. They’ll never, ever know actual Liberty.

I’m not going to change your mind. But don’t let your vulgarity-saturated protests and bullshit hoax crime citations fool you…

You rabid leftists are 15-20% of the nation at most — and even when you do fool enough people in to making one of your cohorts POTUS again, he/she will have to lie (just like Obama) to enact your agenda…because the majority of the American people will never sign on to your bullshit.

Moreover, conservatarianism is quickly becoming “the new black” and emerging generations will rebel on your liberal psychoses so fast it’ll make your pussycat-covered head spin.

But regardless, as noted, history will audit and judge this period in American life accurately: The Democrats were and still are the party of segregation and (metaphorically at a minimum) slavery. And you divide and destroy more in a day than you will ever unite or heal in a lifetime.

So again, please, I beg you: Stop “helping.”


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