Evidence of Voter Fraud?

Today I’m seeing the Trump Administration’s Stephen Miller get crucified for his answer about “evidence” of Voter Fraud.

Here’s how I’d answer that question, if given the opportunity…

George Stephanopoulos: “There’s no evidence of voter fraud.”

Me: “George are you saying that unless a crime is reported…that unless is someone is actually caught having committed a crime…that no crime occurred? I’m sure there are a lot of victims watching who would disagree; victims of a variety of crimes. Many crimes go unreported. Many go unsolved. Many crimes occur but aren’t prosecuted due to lack of evidence. That doesn’t mean they didn’t occur. Regarding voter fraud, many on the left and in the media encourage people to come to our nation illegally and break our laws. Do you know what the one qualifier is for being an illegal immigrant, George? The one qualifier is that you have to have, at some point, decided it was your right to willfully break our laws. And you in the media along with the Democrats seduce these otherwise honest, hard-working people of high integrity to believe that they’re entitled to break our laws. That they’re entitled to carve out their own set of rules, if the rules we have don’t work for them. That’s what you tell illegal immigrants every single day. That’s the message you in the media, and many in DC, send to them. And it’s destructive. And it’s crushes their liberty. And it corrupts their integrity. And for many, the act of identity theft is second nature. It’s how they’re able to live and work in our society: By taking someone else’s identity. So now we need to look in to how many of these people might be using someone else’s identity to vote. Some research suggests the number may be staggering. And now we need to corroborate or disprove that research. And that’s what we’re saying: Let’s look in to it. I don’t know why you’re so opposed to that, George. It’s frankly a bit disconcerting when people like you in the media, who are complicit in seducing illegal immigrants here and instilling in them a sense of entitlement to lawlessness — it’s disconcerting to have you turn around then and say ‘Hey, you….you people who want to investigate the degree to which our democrat system may be being compromised — stop that. Stop what you’re doing. There’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing to look at.’ Why are you so against this, George? We know we have tens of millions of illegal aliens who were told by you in the media, and by the Democrats, that they’re entitled to break our laws. And now President Trump was elected to help correct that bad information. To tell Hispanics and others that unlike the media and unlike the Democrats — we in the Trump Administration believe they are capable of obeying our laws. And that they are capable of playing by the same rules as everyone else. And that they don’t need to take things in to their own hands, and create their own rules, and break our laws. And we’ve got a lot of your mess, George, your mess that you in the media with your supposedly quote/unquote empathetic friends on the left…we’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do from your mess. And a big part of that involves making sure the people who you told were entitled to break our laws, haven’t done so with respect to our elections while using someone else’s identity. And your insistence that because there’s no video or other ironclad evidence of this happening, that it definitely never happens and we don’t need to bother looking in to it…it’s really disconcerting. No one has checked to see how illegal immigrants might use the identities they steal…or borrow…for work purposes…so that they can vote. But we need to look in to that. And I’m not sure how we’re going to do that. But it’d be nice if we had some help from you. Instead, you’re just sitting here saying ‘Nu uh. It didn’t happen. Prove it happened. It didn’t happen. Prove it. Prove it.’ George we’re trying to look in to this and your lazy insistence that because there’s no immediate evidence — that means none can possibly exist anywhere….well…I’m just glad you’re not running our law enforcement, because like I said…there are a lot of victims in the US of crimes – of violent crimes, victims of rape, George – there are a lot of victims out there, many who are watching right now, who would disagree with you. There are a lot of victims of crimes who would tell you that just because you might not be satisfied with the evidence that immediately exists, doesn’t mean those crimes didn’t happen.”

It’s a completely different tack that hits a lot of notes which the Trump Administration (and others on the right) are yet to touch on. But I think it’s effective because it 1) Puts the media and Democrats on defense, 2) Exposes their laziness, 3) Inspires confidence in the Hispanic community who are currently being segregated and [metaphorically] enslaved by sympathy bigots on the left, and 4) Makes the fresh and most potent case: Identity theft is rampant among those who come to our nation illegally, and virtually no one at the state or federal levels have even found a way to look in to that most likely aspect of voter fraud. It’s time we at least try, as part of our effort to clean up the mess that’s been enabled and encouraged by all the same people who are now saying “Move along. Nothing to see here.” with respect to voter fraud.

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