#Stonewall Progress

One thing that I always try to impress upon my brothers and sisters on the right, is that the leftists who oppose us are in fact well-intended. Many find that very hard to believe, while many others reject it outright as patently false. And who could blame them? I’m turning 40 later this year — and I’ve spent my entire life listening to the institutional left (Hollywood, academia, mainstream media) scream to each other from coast-to-coast about how awful and evil I and my liberty-loving peers on the right are. You’ve heard the litany of insults enough times that even citing them is growing tiring.

Racist. Sexist. Hateful. Evil. Greedy. Homophobic. Islamophobic. The list drags on…

Still, while it’s not always easy, I do my best to remember that even those leftists who hurl these regressive and untrue insults at me — they are in fact well-intended. They mean well. Some truly believe the destructive lies they tell about me. Others know they’re lying, but believe they’re doing it for a good cause that will someday net a more equitable society for all. The vast majority of these leftists are just caught up in an angry moment and will say or do whatever they can in an effort to “win” (even at the expense of actually being right); or to project the pain that they may feel, or that they have been taught to feel, on to me. And many of my peers on the right will do the exact same thing.

I will, at times, do the exact same thing.

As I grow more philosophically and practically experienced on the social, cultural and political goings-on of our time — I recognize that there is probably a lot of weight to the notion that the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

Still, as I watch the hopelessly exhausting and pointless protests today turn to LGBTQ rights…I look to my left…and I look to my right..and I just can’t find the middle ground. And that’s likely because today, on this issue, I’m already standing on it.

Never mind the reality that Donald Trump single-handedly brought the establishment GOP to its collective feet in support of Americans who happen to be LGBTQ.

Never mind that Donald Trump is the first US President to be sworn in to office while supporting marriage equality.

Never mind that he said he wants transgender Americans to use whatever bathrooms they want.

Never mind that the Democrat party and leftist power brokers actually want there to be division, disparity, hate and pain among us. Never mind that the liberal power brokers actually thrive off of these destructive insecurities, and work diligently to create them. Never mind that they spend virtually all of their time and energy segregating blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTQ and Muslims — so that rather than seeing themselves as individuals enabled by the awesome power of Liberty — they’ll instead see themselves as perpetual victims, assigned to a group, shackled by the faux grievance that many in politics, academia and the media built careers promising them is ubiquitous.

Never mind the reality that if it weren’t for the Democrat party’s need for power, and if the grievance industry hadn’t become such a massive and lucrative one, that our nation would be virtually colorblind. And never mind that any lingering bigotry which still existed absent the left putting its foot on the gas and creating toxicity and hate on both sides — that sliver of authentic bigotry that’s barely distinguishable from parody, the kind that the left didn’t contrive and create, would be marginalized to the fringes where it belongs.

Never mind that the Democrat party and leftist power brokers need hate, pain, division, disparity and destruction to survive — and so they work hard every day to make you hate me, and to make me hate you, and to segregate and (metaphorically) enslave us all based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation and religion.

Never mind all of that.

Let’s just stick with these simple realities…

If a business owner is a bigot, why on God’s green earth does the left work so hard to help that business owner succeed?

If sunlight is the best disinfectant, why on God’s green earth does the left work so hard to force bigots back in to the closet?

If a person doesn’t want to bake you a cake, or let you eat at their restaurant, or wash your car or cut your hair or tailor your suit or mow your lawn or do your taxes…because that person is bigoted against who and/or what you are…why on God’s green earth do you want to do business with that person?

I don’t want Christian bakers to have to make cakes for a gay wedding, any more than I want a gay printer to have to print fliers that say “God Hates Fags.”

But at a much more basic level, I just don’t understand why the gay couple would want to give business to someone who hates them — or vice versa.

Yes the left are very much well-intended. But their good intentions often have extraordinarily destructive, regressive, unintended consequences. When Chelsea Handler, John Fugelsang, Judd Apatow and Debra Messing team up to chastise white people in to pitying black and brown people — they’re creating exponentially more division on both sides in a single day, than they’ll ever mitigate in a lifetime. When they insist that Hispanics shouldn’t have to obey immigration law and that they deserve a pass, they’re doing a lot more to crush liberty than to enable it. When they say that women are “without choice” lest they be absolved any number of lazy choices they already made…they’re asserting a terribly sexist position that implies men must always be more accountable than women are when it comes to pregnancy. When they promise Muslims that anyone who isn’t a liberal hates them, they’re telling young Muslims that they’d be forgiven for hating everyone back. Omar Mateen was once a promising, peaceful young Muslim living in the USA. But after years of hearing Barack Obama, Linda Sarsour, Don Lemon and the idiots at CAIR tell him that he’s both aggrieved and entitled…he eventually believed them. Shortly after that, he went to Pulse Nightclub and killed 50 innocent Americans. And when the liberals come out and tell bigoted business owners that they’re going to force revenue on them, and that they want to help them conceal their bigotry…they’re exacerbating the divide that many LGBTQ do face in their homes and communities.

Stop forcing bigoted business owners to be successful. Stop denying bigotry the disinfecting cleanse of sunlight that it so merits. Stop creating the very division, disparity and destruction that you purport to combat. You liberals in the grassroots who are doing the marching and the protesting, I know you mean well. This isn’t for you. You’ll not learn better until the power brokers who control you wake up. So this message is for them. If Mike freaking Pence wouldn’t eat a restaurant that refused serve to a gay couple, you can bet neither would the overwhelming majority of Americans. So do us all a favor — liberals in government, academia, Hollywood and media — just stop “helping.” Because you know as well as I do that all you’re really doing is tearing our nation apart so that you can someday rebuild it the way you think it should exist. And you’re destroying a lot of people, and you’re creating a lot of pain, and you’re inspiring a lot of hate, in the process.

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