English Only & Here’s Why

A shared language is the foremost conduit to unity. In the United States of America, that language is overwhelmingly English. It’s the position of this Administration that now is the time for us to celebrate what unites us, and challenge what divides us. But we can’t effectively do either of those things if we’re literally speaking different languages. That so many people come to our nation and are unable or unwilling to speak English, leaves many with the impression that these individuals do not truly want to be part of our nation. That, instead, they want to be here for other reasons that don’t include getting to know, or even communicating with, their English speaking neighbors and co-workers. For these reasons and more, this Administration will be communicating its message to the public exclusively in English. Many in the media will say this is an effort to incite division among us. They’re lying. And, as usual, they’re actually creating great divisions with their lies. What we are asserting is an effort to unite, and to inspire the best from and for all the hard working men and women who truly aspire to be part of our great nation. There is so much more we can do when we’re able to directly communicate with each other, and there are so many limitations when we cannot. And so we say in plain English: This Administration will be leading by example in this effort to make America united again.

This was not an official statement from the Trump Administration. It is simply one I crafted and shared with them, with the hopes that they’ll adopt it. We need to stop enabling low bars for people. I write often about “bigoted sympathy.” We need to stop lowering the bar for people, and the left (and media) seem to do this aggressively based on race or ethnicity. They insist that it’s racist to ask for ID, thus implying that being black should preclude someone from having to *gasp* get an ID. They insist that illegal immigrants be given a pass, thus implying that being Hispanic precludes one’s ability to obey our immigration laws. And with language, they insist that it’s “beautiful” when/if someone doesn’t speak English…because CULTURE! or something. The implication here is that aspiring to communicate with someone in our predominant language (English), is somehow hateful or hurtful. These low bars ultimately corrupt or even crush the liberty of those the left purport to help. They actually create the division they purport to combat, frustrating and even infuriating people on both sides; ‘sides’ that the left and media actually create, and too often thrive off of. It’s time we stop cowering in the corner while liberals and the media divide our nation by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religion. And it’s time we call them out for it.

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