Trump’s Deportation Force

At some point as we rounded third in election 2016, I heard Kellyanne Conway say that deporting illegals was “TBD.” That bugged me because I sensed Kellyanne’s poll-tested fingerprints all over that walkback. I’m still not sure if I was right or wrong about that, but I do know that Kellyanne has long since won back my respect.

Still, in the midst of that disconnect, I tried a few times to win Kellyanne over with fresh perspective. Here’s a video I made on the subject, but below is text from an email I sent directly to Kellyanne. I was reminded of this email tonight because Bill O’Reilly put forth the idea that all illegals must register within 6 months. That was in my ‘plan,’ so I dug up that email and decided to make a blog post out of it.

Some of you won’t like it. Some will think it’s too soft. Others will think it’s too tough. This is the course however, in my view, that we should take.

What follows is taken directly from the email I sent to Kellyanne (and others on the Trump team) on August 23, 2016…

Dear Kellyanne,

The left thrive off division, disparity and destruction. Because they’re bad people? No. (Note: One must understand opposition to defeat it.) It’s because they believe the ends justify the means, and they want a bigger government ruling over smaller individuals so they can – by their estimation – more equitably redistribute resources. The fact remains, however: The 2016 left do in fact thrive off of division, disparity and destruction. And their policies are based exponentially more on bigoted sympathy, than on any semblance of empathy. (Never let the left’s disconnect from reality be mistaken for a perceived lack of empathy on the right.)

There is a way to communicate the “Deportation Force” plan in a way that attracts moderates and the recreationally-engaged. There is a way to tell that story positively. If we want to bring the 30M 11M people out of the shadows, then whether it’s on our soil or their own, they have to “register” at some point.

There has to be some accountability.

Trump’s plan should sound like this…

We’re offering a pathway to legalization for the vast majority of those who are here illegally. But before that can happen, we need them to register with the US government and declare their intention to follow our duly-enacted laws as part of that pathway. If someone can’t or won’t follow our laws, then they will not be invited to stay — and I think most people would agree that we as a nation have a right to take and enforce that posture. After registering, they will then be given further guidance which will involve making arrangements to return to their country-of-origin and in many cases returning to their homes in the US that very same day. How long will this take? Likely years. How much will it cost? Probably quite a bit. But it’s a small price to pay for our nation’s security and the good it will do for so many people. The major sticking point is that anyone who is here illegally must register with the government and declare their intention to follow our duly-enacted laws, starting with those ascribed to the immigration process. Every undocumented immigrant will have a window of opportunity — maybe 6 months, for example — to register themselves and their families. After 6 months, candidly, all bets are off. You’re not allowed to come to our nation illegally. We will not be a doormat in that sense or any other. You will not be able to work (eVerify). You will not be able to send your kids to our schools. You will not have access to the benefits and programs that US taxpayers spend their lives paying in to. There will be no more backdoors for such programs, such as popping out 5 kids and getting foodstamps for them but not yourself. Anyone who has come to our nation illegally and is not willing to accept this extremely generous offer on the sole basis that they obey our duly-enacted laws, will be deported. If they have children, they too will be deported. If they have children who were born here, they will have a small window of time with which to make arrangements if they want those children to remain. Every day US citizens are sent to prison, even if they have children. It’s heart-breaking but, it’s consistent with our laws. And our laws need to be enforced. So illegal immigrants will no longer be an exception to our laws.

Do we actually even have to execute the touchback? Maybe, over time, not. But that message must be there. As noted many times in the video you didn’t watch, it’s about a message of strength that needs sent to the rest of the world! It’s about setting a precedent to actually exert that strength so we’re not right back where we started 30 years from now — like we are, today.

And it’s also about sending a message of hope and inspiration to those who were seduced here by bigoted Democrats in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme; it’s about letting them know that the American Dream has nothing to do with breaking our laws, or entitlement, or lowered bars, or division. We believe in their capacity to be great additions to the American fabric based entirely on individual liberty without lowered bars, and we’re willing to give them that opportunity. But we need also to protect our nation — so that we can preserve that which so many sacrificed so much to be a part of.

Instead, you’re out there saying people like me want to “harm” people.

Do some of those jerks exist among Trump’s supporters?


But that doesn’t mean you — or the campaign — have to get all liberal about the whole effing thing.

Get outside of your largely inbred bubble and embrace some original thinking FFS.


P.S. On so-called “DREAMERs,” note: In the USA, kids are not entitled to keep that which their parents steal. That goes for cars. That goes for cash. And that goes for legal US residency. If your parents brought you here illegally, that’s your problem and theirs. And if we don’t send that message, then what’s to stop parents all over the world from thinking having a toddler is basically a greenlight for legal entry to the USA? If we give so-called “DREAMERs” a pass, what happens to their parents? I don’t have answers to these questions but we need to be making these strong assertions before answers that don’t put America first are landed upon.


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