Barack Obama: The Original Birther

I know it’s anathema to virtually everyone on the right at this point, but that’s all the more reason for me to at least set the record straight about “birtherism”…

First and foremost, Donald Trump wasn’t “the original birther.”

And to the surprise of many, neither was Hillary Clinton.

The original birther was Barack Obama himself…

For the first 20 or so years of his career as an author, Barack Obama’s biography said that he was born in Kenya.


According to his publicist, it was a simple error. Okay. That’s fine. But let’s be honest: If I’m a young, budding author — I’m very aware of what’s being written about me by anyone, anywhere…let alone by my own publicist about who I am as an author. What’s more likely is that young Obama and his literary agents thought being born in Kenya was more exotic and would help sell books. But just like with with so many other things, Barack Obama is pleading ignorance. He says he didn’t know that his biography stated in plain English that he was born in Kenya. Or in other words, he “learned about it in the news just like everyone else.”

Still, that biography — not Hillary, not President-Elect Trump, not hate, not racism — that is what fueled the so-called “birther” controversy.

Additionally, the question about President Obama’s birthplace was not “RACIST!!!1!” as so many like to claim. Very simply: If you think that a person’s skin color should preclude their being held accountable, then you are the one who’s being bigoted. You’re effectively saying that because President Obama is black, we should just ignore certain standards and expectations that can, should, do and will always apply to literally everyone else. As is so often the case, in the left’s frenzied race to not be bigoted or racist — they end up manifestly exemplifying both bigotry and racism.

Furthermore, it was Barack Obama — not me, not Mr. Trump, not anyone else — it was Barack Obama and Barack Obama alone who so divided our nation on this simple matter. He can and should have just produced the birth certificate early on. The fact that he wouldn’t, for many of us, is what began to create a real question about his birthplace.

Yes of course, even today plenty of people believe President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery and that he was born in Kenya. Those people do exist. But many more people, like me, believe the issue was put to bed when he finally did release his long form birth certificate. (The short form version he originally released was granted to people by the State of Hawaii even if they weren’t actually born in Hawaii. A tortured detail that should’ve been rendered useless if Obama hadn’t chosen instead to drag it out and play games.)

I’m writing about this because it was, at the time, something I took seriously. I initially thought it was all just a ridiculous conspiracy theory, until I saw the fight he — President Obama — put up in not releasing his birth certificate. And when he did finally release it, that put the matter to bed for me. And it was a good thing! And it put the matter to bed for millions of other Americans as well. Just because there are some people who will never believe that President Obama was born in the US, doesn’t mean he was right to deny our entire nation the most simple evidence to quell doubts that were entirely of his own making.

So let’s review…

  • As an author, Barack Obama’s biography claimed he was born in Kenya.
  • Rather than release the simple document that would end speculation, President Obama instead refused.
  • The left said asking for him to release that document is “RACIST!!!1!”, exposing yet again the left’s bigoted sympathy and insistence that skin color should dictate whether or not we ask people for something like a birth certificate, or ID, or lawful immigration, etc.
  • Donald Trump waged the fight and got President Obama to release his birth certificate.
  • This, for the overwhelmingly vast majority of Americans, put the matter to bed.
  • So ultimately, in the end, whether you like it or not: Donald Trump helped unite our nation, while President Obama was happy to keep us divided.

It wasn’t racist, and it wasn’t dreamed up by racists. And those who enthusiastically insist that it was racist — like Bernie Sanders today (11/20/16) on “Meet The Press” — are the ones who actually thrive off of division, and pain, and disparity, and destruction.

So of course, to them, everything is racist.

And no matter how clearly or often we set the record straight for them, that will never change. But there’s good news…

While I long hoped Mr. Trump would make America great again by making America united again — I’m beginning to see how he might very well make America united again by making America great again. We’re already seeing his private sector work ethic and accountability in full action. And while his policy positions will evolve, his steadfast commitment to ultimately send the world a message of strength and make it okay to put America First — will not. So while Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren and their friends in the institutional left may want our nation divided and in pain — the results a Trump Presidency gets for all Americans may still unite us in ways many of us never dreamed possible in our lifetimes.

We shall see…


Note: Sadly, based on Bernie Sanders’ ongoing commitment to dividing our nation and shackling people with faux grievance, I guess he did not learn the lesson we hoped back when Hillary’s campaign called him “sexist.”


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