Open Letter to Lisa From Fifth Melody

I’ve literally never heard of Fifth Harmony, let alone Lauren whatever-her-name-is. I’m one of those weirdos who prefers bands that have musicians, and it appears this “band” isn’t one of those. I digress…

I think it’s terrific that this teeny bopper is speaking her mind. Lord knows if you want to find someone who’s in touch with reality, then celebrities — especially 20 year old pop stars spawned from reality TV — are where you should go. Nothing says “I get it” like being swept from humble beginnings in to wild fame and fortune usually overnight and based entirely on modest if-not-totally-fabricated “talent.”

But my annoyance with these little “Muh sky is falling you RACIST!!!!1!” millennibags aside, the reality is that the left have created so much hate, so much fear, so much pain and so much segregation — that these little snowflakes truly believe all the hilariously hyperbolic threats they insist are imminent. It’s the left that thrives off of and thus creates division. It’s the left who segregate LGBTQ in to an assigned group wherein they’re to assume perpetual grievance, thus crushing any semblance of “Liberty” they as individuals may have otherwise enjoyed. They do this also with black people, and Hispanics, and women, and now Muslims as well.

In 2016, “bigotry” isn’t about hate or fear — it’s about pity and grievance. In 2016, what Democrats describe as ’empathy’ is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own. They’re not “helping” when they implicitly promise black people that their skin color inherently precludes their ability to get an ID. They’re not “helping” when they explicitly tell Hispanics that their ethnicity precludes their ability to obey our immigration laws. They’re not “helping” when they seduce illegal immigrants here in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme and then say anyone who actually wants our laws upheld is just “RACIST!!!1!”

The Democrat party and left have long been the party of slavery and segregation, and in 2016 the only thing that’s changed is that they’ve expanded their reach and now package their bigoted tendencies and pursuits-for-power as “justice.”

Let me be very, very clear: The only reason there’s still a focus on race and ethnicity in 2016, is because liberals demand that we all constantly focus on race and ethnicity. And frankly until my side (the GOP, to include, unfortunately, President-Elect Trump and his team as well) — until my side actually gets this and starts pointing it out, I don’t expect the snowflakes of Fourth Harmony to get it either…

We’ll evolve eventually. We’ll get there. But make no mistake: These weepy-eyed little so-called “social justice warriors” and their insistence that “Identity is greater than Character” are the regressives in this conversation. These geniuses who pretend that climate change is not infinitely ubiquitous, and purport an ability to stop the climate from changing, are the real science-deniers. And these “co-exist uniters” who metaphorically segregate and enslave people by race/ethnicity, celebrating that they’re “black and proud!” or “Hispanic and slaying!” all while using white as a pejorative and/or lamenting “whiteness” as a disease…these are the dividers.

We’ll evolve, eventually. But it’ll be amid our putting America first and Americans — regardless of identity — first as well. We need strength and unity without all the labels, and that’s what a Trump Presidency can enable. I wish him Godspeed in getting us there.

Oh and by the way, Laura from Third Melody: Please stop imposing your warped “morality” on the rest of us. There’s a church/state separation for a reason. If you want to adopt/sponsor illegals, and/or pay for someone else’s health insurance, go ahead and do it. But don’t sit there twiddling thumbs and wagging fingers doing exactly nothing until/unless the rest of us are forced to. To me, a Christian, the only “morality” our government needs is “Individual Liberty” — which is effectively free will minus the right to infringe on others’ liberty and rights. Liberty is the sole conduit between one’s life and one’s pursuit for happiness. When you lower the bar and demand pity for people based on race/ethnicity — all this mind you after you’ve segregated them and promised them all that their lives will be hell unless the disease of “whiteness” is eradicated — when you do this, you’re not “helping.” You’re corrupting if not outright crushing the liberty of these otherwise powerful individuals. So spare me your lesson on “God and the Bible and stuff”…because the God I know much prefers free will over government mandates that dictate “You’ll be charitable, or else!”

Try to keep up, bro. All those poor souls you keep under your foot while alleging to be “helping” them, kind of depend on it.

I wasn’t sure what image I should’ve used for this post. I ended up using one of Sixth Harpy’s Lori performing (below)…


…but still think this one contrasts nicely to it…


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