Trump’s Team & Our Divided Nation

The Trump win is bittersweet for me. It’s nice to have won, especially against a #RiggedSystem built by virtually all of DC, Hollywood, academia and of course mainstream media…

But our nation is very divided, and the GOP’s “outreach” – for decades – has been lousy at best. We need to stop chasing Democrats’ narrative and losing; start leading with our narrative and winning.

The Democrats’ message relies on constituent segregation; it divides & destroys.

Our message relies on Liberty; it unites & heals.

But we’re not telling that story and frankly even if we did it’s inaudible because, like Democrats, we start by implying however tacitly that black, Hispanic and white voters all should be addressed in segregated blocs.

We can do better.

We must.

But all indications – namely addressing voters as black & Hispanic instead of choosing to forego that regressive focus – all indications are that we won’t.

All indications are that we’ll keep getting crushed by Hollywood, academia and the media – while divisive movements predicated on the Democrats’ myths will only grow more powerful. #BlackLivesMatter, for example, is based entirely on false, divisive, destructive assumptions. And the stronger their movement gets, the worse the problems get, because the true source of those problems (broken homes, as proven empirically) is ignored. And instead we – our “racist nation” – get blamed. And that misappropriation of blame makes a whole slew of new problems pop up. And we get blamed. Again. And more…

So the divide will only grow. And we’ll get blamed. And those who blame us and create the divide…will only become more empowered by it.


Yes the Trump win is bittersweet. There are a few huge areas we can get excited about, but the one that’s most important to me (mitigating racial & ethnic disparity/division) will not only fail to improve – but will continue getting much worse. And we’ll become weaker. And our nation will become more fractured. And those who oppose us will grow stronger because of it.

I hope someone on the Trump team has a handle on some of this because after radical Islamic terror, our own internal divides could easily become the United States’ greatest threat. But as of now, unfortunately: I don’t see any sign that anyone on or even around the Trump team/administration are anywhere near this landscape-shifting realization.

For my part, I tried desperately to get both Trump’s team – via short-lived open lines with Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, Alan Cobb and Kellyanne Conway – as well as the GOP to embrace this winning shift in social/cultural messaging. I wrote. I called. I did videos. And no one heard. No one would listen. So here we are, reveling in the “message” we just sent the DC & media establishments…and but for SCOTUS appointments, nothing will change. Any legislative work we do will last only as long as this wave. We’ll still get crushed socially and culturally, our nation will get more divided, we’ll get blamed and the left will get empowered. I wanted us to unite our nation, heal, and to promote the inherent moral greatness of individual liberty. Instead we, like the Democrats before us, will seek to force our will legislatively. We’ll talk about unity and liberty, but it will fall on deaf ears as we fail to expose the left’s role in keeping our nation divided and aggrieved. And worse, we’ll continue chasing the Democrats’ segregationist message thereby empowering and giving credence to it.

I wrote months ago that “grievance is the new shackle.” Today I concede, finally, that we play the Democrats’ game, on their turf, segregating voters and calling it “necessary for smart politics”…and in doing so we only shackle more and more Americans. Think our “good legislative works” will do the healing? Think the results will speak for themselves? I’m sure Obama thought the same thing about Obamacare – right up until a wave, amid our divided nation – cost his party control and promised with giddy anticipation to wipe out everything he did.

I can’t be party to it and pretend like everything will be great. I can’t watch our side fail so badly where it matters most (socially and culturally, where lasting mandates are born) while playing perfectly in to the left’s hands, and pretend we’re winning. We’re not winning. We’re getting pummeled. And Trump’s primary and general victories, which I fought so hard for, will – as things stand now – unfortunately change nothing. DC and his Administration will still be hobbled by inbred insiders whose apathy negates the intellectual curiosity and evolution required to land on the ideas and strategies we need; ideas and strategies to get the recreationally-engaged electorate nodding along with us, as opposed to simply shaking their fists with us every so often. And I’m starting to get mortally winded in my own efforts because the frustration has now long-since eclipsed the inspiration. I was ignored when the GOP was run exclusively by inbred insiders who built careers letting our nation become deeply divided while our party became a laughing stock, and I’m being ignored now as Trump’s team slowly but surely falls in line with “conventional wisdom” of segregationist “diversity coalitions” that relegate otherwise powerful individuals in to assigned groups wherein they’re to assume perpetual grievance based on their race or ethnicity. I just can’t continue talking to brick walls and watching things get worse.

So Godspeed and #MAGA, but without #MakeAmericaUnitedAgain — it’s all just a dream.


  1. America always has been great. By joining MAGA bandwagon, you’ve explicitly supported the division you claim to be against. And the country and many of its institutions are severely racist. It hurts to acknowledge that but solutions aren’t even possible without doing so.


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